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Draconia is the name of the chain of floating islands in which Dragon Quest Treasures takes place, existing in a world that is seperate from that of Erdrea. The islands consists of six distinct biomes, ranging from fertile fields to freezing tundras.


Dragon Quest Treasures[edit]

The islands that make Draconia are Eggshell Island, Cinderback Ridge, The Hinterquarters, The Maneland, The Paternoggin, & The Wingswept Moors. These six islands are in fact the fossilized remains of two truly colossal dragons, a husband and wife known as Madra and Padra, and as such are formed around sections of their bodies. The couple chose the skies that would form Draconia as their final resting place many centuries ago. Their bodies slowly fossilized over the years, forming the floating island chain seen today. The history of Draconia is slowly revealed to the player via stone tablets scattered throughout the archipelago, with the whole story revealed as thus:

Upon these monuments are inscribed the memories of the golden dragons, who eloped from the Garden of the Gods so that they might be together eternally

The dragon, the pinnacle of all living beings, receives the protection of the dragon gods and immortality in heaven

Sorrowful though it may be, Draconia is the final resting place of the golden dragons, Madra and Padra

As the dragons' bodies turned into these islands, their fading life force gave rise to the great and revered beasts, known as the Ancient Ones, who serve to protect the riches of the land. Furthermore, on the Golden Isle itself stand great statues that watch over the treasure there

To the creatures of this new land, they bestowed the ability to sense treasure; Padra endowed them with the power to see it, while Madra gave them the power to feel it

From her own soul, Madra did bestow the power to sense treasure upon all the creatures of Draconia, as well as to those who possess the heart of a dragon. Thus, in the presence of treasure, Draconians may sense its majesty

Madra and Padra created the Dragon Daggers as a symbol of their love and trust for one another

The Dragon Daggers, their blades of blue and pink, represent the final wishes of Madra and Padra, and must remain a pair forevermore

Those who seek the Dragon Daggers must do so bearing mutual respect and compassion, lest their true power never be understood

There was once a seventh island, La Isla Dorada, which was said to be overflowing with riches but also forbidden for any man or monster to venture to. It was separated from the others by the spirits of Madra and Padra after a being known as The Golden Sovereign let his greed for treasure get the better of him. This character is only alluded to by the ghost of Mr Stephenson, who explains that the sovereign was his chief benefactor in establishing the Trans-Draconic Railway Company; sometime after the establishment and success of the train system, the sovereign's desire for treasure led him to trespass on the sacred ground and brought disaster to Draconia. La Isla Dorada was set adrift from its sibling islands and wandered the skies, while the six other islands lost much of the Sanguinite that was necessary for the trains to operate. With transit now impossible, the islands of Draconia became isolated from one another until the arrival of Erik and Mia, who inadvertently revived part of the railways with the mysterious power of their freshly acquired dragon daggers.


  • It is implied that the spirits of the dragons are watching over the inhabitants of their former bodies by one of the tablets found in the Lickspittle region of the Paternoggin, which states that "when the folk begged for riches, the dragons heeded, and filled Draconia with treasures both great and small". There could only be monsters living on Draconia after the couple passed away