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Chunk of Sanguinite treasures icon.jpg
Japanese ブラドクォーツ
Romaji Burado kotsu
Old localizations None
Found in Dragon Quest Treasures
Effect Key item

Sanquinite is a vital resource found in Dragon Quest Treasures.


Sanguinite is the sole fuel source of the Trans-Draconic Railway Company's locomotives and is found only on the flying archipelago of Draconia. Being the only way to propel the engines between the islands, each station on Eggshell Island, Cinderback Ridge, the Hinterquarters, the Maneland, the Paternoggin, & the Wingswept Moors must be well-stocked in order to refuel the cars that come rolling by; the main focus of the railway sidequests is to amass enough sanguinite to get the defunct stations up and running once more.

By deciphering the stone tablets that cover Draconia, it is revealed that sanguinite is nothing less than the solidified blood of Madra and Padra, the typhonic dragons whose fossilized bodies form the bedrock of the floating islands. The late Mr Stephenson elaborates that sanguinite was once incredibly abundant on every island, but has since become woefully scarce since the fury of the spectral serpents came down upon the islands. This is due to his mysterious business partner, known only as the Golden Sovereign, trespassing on the forbidden island of La Isla Dorada and inciting Madra and Padra's wrath.

A replica of sanguinite also appears as treasure no. 767, in the Draconian mementos category, the icon of which is used in the info box above.