Madra and Padra

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Madra and Padra
Dragon Quest Treasures
Japanese name マドラ と ファドラ
Romaji Madora to Fadora
Race Dragon

Madra and Padra are deceased characters that indirectly appear in Dragon Quest Treasures. They were titanic, golden dragons whose immense bodies became the floating island chain known as Draconia.


Dragon Quest Treasures[edit]

The dragons were lovers who eloped from the Garden of the Gods so that they could remain together, entering the world in which Treasures takes place. It is unknown how long the pair dwelt in the realm before choosing the open skies as their final resting place, but their bodies would fossilize with time and come to support rich biomes teeming with life: Cinderback Ridge, Eggshell Island, The Hinterquarters, La Isla Dorada, The Maneland, The Paternoggin, & The Wingswept Moors. Before their passing, Madra and Padra created the dragon daggers as symbols of their love and bestowed the dirks with incredible magic that could only be utilized to the utmost potential by companions with complete trust and respect for one another.

The details of which dragon's calcified remains became which island is left to the player's imagination, but the lingering lifeforce of the colossal creatures would be utilized by a Mr Stephenson, who dreamed of uniting the seven islands through a transit system. He devised a series of trains that could make use of this life force, now known as bloodlines, as ethereal rails to glide upon between the islands for safe passage. Furthermore, the trains would be fueled by sanguinite, the congealed blood of the dragons that had become petrified with the rest of their bodies.

It is implied through stone tablets scattered throughout Draconia that the spirits of the lovers lingered on to watch over the monsters that would inhabit their former bodies. The tablet found on the underside of the The Paternoggin states that the treasures found throughout Draconia are the creations of the pair, bestowed upon the land when the folk begged for riches. Furthermore, Padra bestowed the ability to see treasure through vivid visions where Madra granted the ability to feel when treasure is nearby. The spirits of the golden dragons were also responsible for the separation of La Isla Dorada from the rest of the archipelago, as it was sent away from the six larger islands when one of the founders of the T.D.R.C. dared to trespass on the sacred ground to satiate his greed.

It is strongly implied that Madra and Padra were without child during their lives as none of the tablets describing their persons allude to them having children despite the strength of their love being referenced frequently. Their former bodies encircle an island island shaped like an egg, and there are the seven dragonstones created concurrently to the dragon daggers, dazzling gems that represented the power and majesty of a dragon's form: the Sapphire Eye, Amber Horn, Amethyst Fang, Ruby Heart, Emerald Wing, Lapis Tail, & Citrine Talon. Princess Anemone speculates that these jewels are the physical manifestation of Madra and Padra's wishes, most likely for that of a child of their own.