Treasure Forecast

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Treasure Forecast
Japanese お宝占い
Romaji Ōtakara uranai
Old localizations None
Found in Dragon Quest Treasures
Effect Gauges ease of finding treasure

The Treasure Forecast is a way for players to acsess which islands of Draconia are the most suitable for treasure hunting at a given time.


Dragon Quest Treasures[edit]

Porcus and Purrsula will announce the forecast when Erik and Mia enter one of the Trans-Draconic trains, which is then displayed on the map of Draconia in the form of a percentage. The higher the percentage the more effective a monster's Treasure Vision will be in addition to activating further away from a hidden treasure, giving the player a wider range of awareness when on the hunt. It is currently unknown if a higher percentage also influences the children's Fortune Finder.