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Dragon Quest Treasures
Japanese name ノーラ
Romaji Nora
Race Human

Skye is a character in Dragon Quest Treasures. She is a member of the Sylphanian Expedition, and her monster partner is a Hat hamwitch.


Dragon Quest Treasures[edit]

Skye has tasked by Princess Anemone to scout out the two stone tablets found on The Wingswept Moors, but is having difficulty handling the powerful monsters that populate the verdant island and as such has gotten stuck at Greywing Gateway station. Erik and Mia have been sent by the worried Princess to check in on the girl due to how long it has been since her last report; Skye asks the duo to lend her a hand by locating the monoliths and jotting down what they say for her.

Skye rewards the kids for their help by giving them a blue key that can open matching chests, a draconian monument model, and a chimaera wing.


  • Skye brags that she gets headpats from the Princess when she succeeds in her assignments, special treatment the other junior members of the expedition do not get to enjoy