Princess Anemone

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Princess Anemone
Dragon Quest Treasures
DQTR Anemone.png
Japanese name アネモア
Romaji Anemoa
Title Blue-Blood Scholar
Race Human
Voice actor Yuko Minaguchi

Princess Anemone is a character in Dragon Quest Treasures, wherein she is the leader of the Sylphanian Expedition. Her monster partner is Wingston, a hades condor who has server her dutifully for many years.

Appearance and personality[edit]

The Princess is a fair-skinned beauty with blue hair tied into a large ponytail by a hairwrap crowned with a rising sun ornament made of gold, which gives her the impression of divinity. She wears a green kimono that has a white inner material along her legs, a red material along her belly, red trim along the ends of her tasseled sleeves, and a golden trim along the shoulders of the gown. The Princess wears a black material under her kimono that is unseen by the player, fastened to a red choker necklace.

Princess Anemone is a scholar leading the Sylphanians to learn more of the mysterious Draconia floating archipelago and is frequently seen studying the engraved monoliths that pepper the islands. She is soft spoken and polite as per her upbringing as a Princess, and like her assistant Gayle she is friendly towards Erik and Mia despite them being treasure hunting competition. Though maintaining an attitude appropriate for her societal rank, Anemone nevertheless has the air of an older sister about her: she makes packed lunches for each member of the expedition every morning and instructs her retinue to be on their best behavior in Draconia as she sees them all as guests in a land that belongs to monsters. The Princess is no shrinking violet however, as she frequently gives her royal guard the slip to wander off along with Wingston whenever it suits her, and Tramonty has stated that she grows frightfully angry whenever he or another member does anything even remotely dangerous.


Dragon Quest Treasures[edit]

Princess Anemone departs from Sylphania with her pratorean guard and Captain Levanter shortly before the beginning of the game, eager to unravel the hidden history of Draconia. She quickly befriends Erik and Mia when the two stumble into her encampment on The Paternoggin and encourages them to pursue their treasure hunt to the fullest extend of their capabilities, stating that such an under taking as her own is all the more fun when there's some friendly competition.

The Princess can be found in several locations on Draconia investigating the mysterious tablets, and speaking to her at the monolith located at Lake Swishmelt on The Hinterquarters will start her first quest line. She explains that she has sent out three of her attendants, Favonius, Skye, and Tramonty, to investigate the monoliths on the other islands but has not heard them report back in some time: she requests that the kids check up on her staff and report back to her with their findings.

Anemone also plays a role in getting Captain Leventar to hand over the map leading to the sapphire eye; she will be moved to the lickspittle section of the paternoggin during this quest and be found fretting over a monolith she was studying being damaged by a belligerent Tanzaknight that ran off with a sizable chunk of it. If one of the kids beats some sense into the hollow knight and retrieves the stone fragment, Anemone will coerce Levanter into giving the siblings a lead towards the dragonstone.

During the finale of the game when Captain Long John Silverbones steals all seven dragonstones from Erik and Mia, Princess Anemone will agree to letting the children borrow the Sylphanian flying ship to pursue the pirate on the grounds that her forces cannot be expected to put up a fight against such a dangerous foe. She then reaffirms that she has all the faith in the world that the children will be victorious, and is the one to fill in the gang at Eggshell Island on the details. She is later seen enjoying herself at the celebration party held on the little island.