Princess Anemone

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Princess Anemone
Dragon Quest Treasures
DQTR Anemone.png
Japanese name アネモア
Romaji Anemoa
Title Princess
Race Human
Voice actor Yuko Minaguchi

Princess Anemone is a character in Dragon Quest Treasures, wherein she is the leader of the Sylphanian Expedition.

Appearance and personality[edit]

The Princess is a fair-skinned beauty with blue hair tied into a large ponytail by a hairwrap crowned with a rising sun ornament made of gold, which gives her the impression of divinity. She wears a green kimono that has a white inner material along her legs, a red material along her belly, red trim along the ends of her tasseled sleeves, and a golden trim along the shoulders of the gown. The Princess wears a black material under her kimono that is unseen by the player, fastened to a red choker necklace.

Princess Anemone is a scholar leading the Sylphanians to learn more of the mysterious Draconia floating archipelago and is frequently seen studying the engraved monoliths that pepper the islands. She is soft spoken and polite as per her upbringing as a Princess, and like her assistant Gayle she is friendly towards Erik and Mia despite them being treasure hunting competition.


Dragon Quest Treasures[edit]