Madame Blancmange

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Madame Blancmange
Dragon Quest Treasures
DQTR Slapeko.png
Japanese name スラペコ
Romaji Surapeko
Race Queen slime
Voice actor Mika Kanai

Madame Blancmange (スラペコ, Surapeko) a character from Dragon Quest Treasures.

Appearance and personality[edit]

Madame Blancmange is a working queen slime, swapping her crown out for a chef's hat. She can be found in the cafeteria and provides the player with food. She speaks with a French accent.


Dragon Quest Treasures[edit]

Madame Blancmange will cook food for Erik and Mia at "Chez Blancmange" after she has been recruited into the Trans-Draconic Railway Company. She is found in the The Wingswept Moors napping under a tree by the pond near the western edge of the bridge leading to the railway. Blancmange is open to working for the company but insists on having a server to make sure the food is delivered on time, and asks that the player recruit a Hat hamwitch first. Once this detail is met she'll bounce off and set up shop in the station, offering a wide variety of foods that can buff up a monster's stats or even resistances. Her recipe repertoire can be expanded by discovering or purchasing cook books.