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Dragon Quest Treasures
AL4N key artwork.png
Japanese name ディプロン
Romaji Deipuron
Old localization None
Voice actor Junko Minagawa (皆川純子)

AL4N the diplo-bot is a character who debut in Dragon Quest Treasures. He is an employee of the Trans-Draconic Railway Company and provides the player will the game's multiplayer functions. His name is a 1337 speak spin on the common English name and local area networks, regarding his function as a L.A.N. for the player.


Dragon Quest Treasures[edit]

AL4N was an employee of the T.D.R.C. during the company's heyday some years prior to the beginning of the game, but left his position after the catastrophe that lead to the disappearance of La Isla Dorada and the death of company founder Mr Stephenson. When Erik and Mia increase their gang rank up to stage 4, requiring a total of 10,000,000 gold, AL4N will arrive at Eggshell Island and resume his former vocation.

When spoken to, AL4N will allow the player the interact with their friends by hiding treasure for others to find, seeking hidden treasure, send monsters out into the world to be recruited, recruit specific monsters put out by other players via treasure gang ID's, and tour the treasure vaults of other players. It is necessary to speak to AL4N to recruit Pekotte and Yuji, requiring the PEK and YUB ID's respectively.