Mr Stephenson

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Mr Stephenson
Dragon Quest Treasures
Japanese name ガイゾン
Romaji Gaizon
Race Shadow minister
Voice actor Yuichi Nakamura

Mr Stephenson is a posthumous character who founded the Trans-Draconic Railway Company during his life.


Dragon Quest Treasures[edit]

Mr Stephenson lived some time prior to the events of the game and was a native of the floating island chain Draconia. As the islands floated tantalizingly close to one another but were still unreachable for those who did not possess a flying vessel, Mr Stephenson made it his life's work to construct a transit system so that the entire archipelago would be reachable to the inhabitants of every island. He accomplished this with the aid of a mysterious benefactor known only as the Golden Sovereign; the exact details of this partnership are not elaborated upon, but Stephenson remains grateful for the aid even in death.

Connecting the seven islands of Draconia was made possible by the harnessing of the lingering lifeforce of Madra and Padra, the two colossal dragons whose fossilized remains formed the bedrock of each island. Mr Stephenson would refer to this lingering energy as bloodlines, and would utilize them as train tracks for the special engines he developed. These locomotives ran on sanguinite, the calcified blood of the two late dragons that could be excavated with ease all through the region. A total of fifteen stations were developed throughout Draconia and Mr Stephenson's railway company entered a period of booming success, with Mr Euston, Miss Cecily, Mr Muddimer, Mr Baker, Mr Banks, Miss Kensington, and Mr Victor being hired on by the company during this time.

Unfortunately, the fortune of the company and Mr Stephenson would take a dark turn: La Isla Dorada, the island of untold riches, would catch the eye of the Golden Sovereign. The benefactor proved unable to resist the temptation of greed and trespassed on the sacred grounds, inciting the fury of the ghosts of Madra and Padra who separated the seventh island from the main six and cast it adrift in the open skies. Furthermore the ire of the giants caused the precious sanguinite to become woefully scarce, rendering the trains totally inoperable. The Golden Sovereign disappeared along with La Isla Dorada and, with the railways remaining unused, Mr Stephenson's company fell to ruin as all employees but Mr Euston, Miss Cecily, and Mr Muddimer resigned from their posts. The heartache of witnessing his life's work crumble around him due to someone else's foolishness proved too great, and Mr Stephenson passed away from his grief and linger on between worlds.

Mr Stephenson's tale would have a happy ending thanks to the actions of Mia and Erik, however. When the children first encounter the derelict train and the bloodline rails at the summit of the Paternoggin during the beginning of their adventure in Draconia, their dragon daggers would mysteriously revitalize both for a trip to Eggshell Island. There, the kids would strike up a partnership with the three remaining T.D.R. employees: they would help get the company back on it's feet by reactivating the stations now that the bloodlines are working once more in exchange for being allowed to use Eggshell Island as their base of treasure hunting operations.

Upon upholding their end of the bargain and restoring every station, the children will be notified by Mr Euston that he has revived a letter from none other than Mr Stephenson himself, stating that he wants to congratulate the children in person at the forsaken station beneath the Paternoggin. Here he explains the circumstances that led to the fall of the company as well as his lingering in limbo and requests a personal favor, that the children accomplish what he could not and make a complete circuit across all of Draconia on a single train. Porcus and Purrsula suggest speaking to Mr Euston, who recognizes the difficulty in such an endeavor and recruits his fellow station masters to lend a hand. When the player next speaks to Mr Stephenson at the forsaken station all five station masters will appear to salute their late company founder and present a newly designed train capable of traversing Draconia all in one go. Mr Stephenson is delighted that his legacy lives on in his dutiful subordinates and ascends to the heavens with his life's work fulfilled.