Mr Baker

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Mr Baker
Dragon Quest Treasures
Japanese name アビエン
Romaji Abien
Race Restless armour

Mr Baker is a character in Dragon Quest Treasures, being one of the employees of the Trans-Draconic Railway Company. He is an orange Restless armour wearing a navy blue uniform and matching conductor's cap emblazoned with the company logo. He notably speaks in the most reserved and professional manner of all four station managers, with his peers being less formal.


Dragon Quest Treasures[edit]

Mr Baker was the station manager of The Maneland, but resigned from the company when the separation of La Isla Dorada from the Draconia islands damage the bloodline rails that the trains ran on and rendered the entire operation kaput. Thanks to the mysterious powers dwelling within the dragon daggers used by Mia and Erik, the first section of the bloodlines are restored and travel between the main stations can resume once more.

Assuming his former position with the company, Mr Baker watches over the guests boarding and departing at Bonedry Heights on the western-most edge of the desert island. He requests the aid of the treasure-hunting children in getting the remaining two stations up and running, rewarding them with a ST4TION-M4STER statue, the recipe for reheated regenerice, and a chimaera wing.


  • His name also doubles as a pun, owing to the scorching heat of the Maneland's desert