Reheated regenerice

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Reheated regenerice
Japanese さまよえるいやしピラフ
Romaji Samayoeru iyashi pirafu
Old localizations None
Found in Dragon Quest Treasures
Effect Support

Reheated regenerice is a plate of pilaf that recovers HP for a limited time.


Dragon Quest Treasures[edit]

Reheated regenerice Dragon Quest Treasures Logo.png
Portrait Description
Reheated regenerice icon.png Restores a lot of HP over time. A favourite food of monsters like the restless armour
Ingredients Moonrise moss x2, Overgrown onion x5, Rice blossom x5, Salt of the earth x5
Beloved by Restless armour DQTR portrait.jpgDeserted armours DQTR portrait.jpgLethal armour DQTR portrait.jpgTanzaknight DQTR portrait.jpg
Recipe location Reward for restoring all Maneland railway stations

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