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Japanese 七つの竜石
Romaji Nana no ryuishi
Old localizations None
Found in Dragon Quest Treasures
Effect Key item

The dragonstones are a set of seven legendary jewels hidden away in the floating land of Draconia. Colloquially referred to as the seven stones, assembling all of the gems is the task assigned to Porcus and Purrsula for the twins' coming-of-age ceremony.


Dragon Quest Treasures[edit]

Legends has it that collecting all seven stones will bring forth "the Treasure of Treasures" and make the possessor rich beyond their wildest imaginings. As such every self-respecting treasure hunter has sought them out, leading to captain Long John Silverbones of the dreaded Thunderous Plunderers to try his hand during the course of the game.

The shapes of the dragonstones correspond to the body of a dragon, being an amber horn, amethyst fang, citrine talon, emerald wing, lapis tail, ruby heart, and a sapphire eye. The player is first guided towards the stones when Erik and Mia explore the first floor of the Snarl, hidden away in a storeroom on Eggshell Island. Some of these clues reflect very recent events, further alluding to the mysterious nature of the Draconia islands:

The amber glints in a giant's horn;
The sapphire shines in an Ancient One's eye;
The amethyst awaits in a gargantuan maw;
The emerald swoops past on a dead king's wings;
The lapis lies on a snowy tail;
The citrine is sharpened by cutting winds;
The ruby lies at the heart of all things.

These hints allude to the amber horn being held by the Magmantes of Cinderback Ridge, the sapphire eye being guarded by Hornbull, the amethyst fang being held by Silvers' first mate Bonnie in the underside of the Paternoggin, the emerald wing clutched in the deathgrip of a forgotten king on the top of Mount Greywing, the sapphire eye buried on Mount Numbumb, the citrine talon locked away on the very tip of the western moors, and the ruby heart hidden away in the heart of the Snarl, where Rimeblood awaits.

When the blue-haired brother and sister collect all seven, the Thunderous Plunderers will conduct a raid on Eggshell Island with Gustav and Shady and Shambles distracting the children while Silverbones steals the prize and sets sail for La Isla Dorada. The pirate sets the stones on an altar overlooking the vast sky and the jewels interlock with one another, to which a disappointed Silverbones remarks that the legendary treasure of treasures is "'tis but the seven stones stuck together!" before venting his frustrations on the pursuing Erik and Mia as the game's final boss.

After the battle, the children approach the dragonstones and are sent a vision by the spirits of Draconia that prompt them to channel the power of their dragon daggers into the seven stones. This sends a colossal wave of energy emanating from every region of Draconia into the jewels, transforming the rocks into an egg that hatches into a baby dragon. It turns out that life itself was the Treasure of Treasures all along.

As finding all seven stones was the task given to Porcus and Purrsula, the twin junior gods cast off their animal forms and return to The Garden of the Gods in the heavens, with the newborn dragon in tow. Unfortunately, the gods did not forsee the stones merging into an egg and furiously sent the twins packing back to Draconia to find no less than fifty iconic treasures as a substitute trial.