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Dragon Quest Treasures
Japanese name ルビナ
Romaji Rubina
Race Human

Zephyr is a member of the Sylphanian Expedition and one of the personal guards for Princess Anemone.


Dragon Quest Treasures[edit]

Zephyr is one of the two official praetorian guards for the princess, working alongside Sirocco. Unfortunately the princess has given the two of them the slip and they've been left huddling around the fire at Glacial Junction station on the Hinterquarters while her highness is traipsing about looking for stone tablets, eager to decipher the runes inscribed upon them. Zephyr had borrowed the princess' lexicon prior to their arrival on the frozen island so that she could help research the tablets alongside Anemone, but the princess had forgot to ask for it back before she took off on her own. Speaking to Zephyr and retrieving the book is necessary to gain Anemone's assistance in acquiring the sapphire eye dragonstone.