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The flags of the various gangs

Treasure-hunting gangs are groups of humans and monsters who seek valuable loot in the land of Draconia in Dragon Quest Treasures.

Team Treasure[edit]

Team Treasure is the default name Erik and Mia's gang, which can be changed by the player. They form their own gang at the island that Mr. Euston lends them. This island once was the main headquarters of the TransDraconic Railway Company.

Increasing the gang's rank provides certain bonuses like increased gold when appraising treasures or the ability to hold more treasures on the base.

The player can rename this gang, and change it's flag.

Known gang members include:

The Thunderous Plunderers[edit]

This gang of sky pirates has several hundred members, both humans and monsters. Long John Silverbones is it's leader. The Thunderous Plunderers is the main rival gang to Erik and Mia's.

Known gang members:

The Sylphanian Expedition[edit]

This gang comes from the Sylphanian Kingdom in search of rare treasures. They've established stockades on two separate islands, from where they conduct their operations.

Known gang members:

Other gangs[edit]

The fabled treasures of Draconia have attracted more than just the Thunderous Plunderers and the Slyphanian Expedition to the mysterious islands, and every last one of them will be gunning for the priceless artifacts set on display in the home base. These gangs often include decorative monsters in their ranks, giving players a common preview of these rarely-seen monsters before encountering the fashionable foes in the wild.

Beastly Busters[edit]

Dark dragling dqtr icon.jpgDark sabrecat DQTR portrait.jpgSham hatwitch DQTR portrait.jpg

Cutie Clowns[edit]

Cutie slime DQTR portrait.jpgKing she-slime DQTR portrait.jpgOrc queen DQTR portrait.jpgQueen slime DQTR portrait.jpg

Day Breakers[edit]

Gigantes DQTR portrait.jpgKilling machine DQTR portrait.jpgOrc DQTR portrait.jpgOrc chieftan DQTR portrait.jpg

Merry Men[edit]

The infamous masked marauder and his bumbling peons have their sights set on the blue children's prized possessions. Interestingly, Robbin' and his gang are the only non-boss monsters that cannot be recruited by the player and as such they lack the portrait icons other monsters have.

Thieving Phantoms[edit]

Dread dracky DQTR portrait.jpgShadow DQTR portrait.jpgStyx raptor DQTR portrait.jpg