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Dragon Quest Treasures
DQTR Gayle.png
Japanese name ブリサ
Romaji Burisa
Title Intrepid Young Lady
Race Human
Voice actor Manaka Iwami

Gayle is a character who debuted in Dragon Quest Treasures.

Appearance and personality[edit]

Gayle is a little girl with messy pink hair who wears a long-sleeved white skirt overset with a smaller red skirt fastened with green, triple loop tassels and is tied together with an orange sash tied into a large bow at her hip. Her accessories are gold bracelets with matching bands on her calves, driver's goggles, and a green feather set into her large red hat.

Gayle is one of the newest members of the Sylphanian Expedition, being senior only to Tramonty, but has already demonstrated a real knack for treasure hunting and is looking forward to the excursion in Draconia as a means to further hone her capabilities. Her partner in looking for loot is her beloved dracky Ariel, whom has been her best friend for years. Gayle is very polite and well-mannered for her age, and maintains a friendly acquaintance with Erik and Mia despite belonging to rival gangs. Treasure hunting is a big adventure to her, and the more competition there is then the more excitement to be had.


Dragon Quest Treasures[edit]

Gayle and Ariel first appears after a confrontation between Captain Levanter and Captain Silverbones on the top floor of the forgotten factory in The Paternoggin during the beginning of the game, failing to catch up in time to provide support. Levanter states that he'll explain everything back at the Sylphanian base camp and then questions Erik and Mia on their intentions within Draconia, with Gayle slipping in to introduce herself.

When the player is sent by Mr Euston to the Slyphanian camp to retrieve a chunk of Sanguinite to help restore the train system connecting the islands of Draconia, Captain Levanter states that Gayle obtained a shard soon after coming to Draconia. The orc says the stuff is worthless but Gayle doesn't want to just hand over treasure she found on her own, and challenges the player to a monster duel with the blood rock as the prize. Upon Erik or Mia's victory, Gayle is flabbergasted at how powerful the children and their monster teams are, stating she didn't stand a chance. She is no sore loser though, and happily hands over the sanguinite while explaining that the mysterious nature of Draconia means that treasure will never appear in the same place twice-Erik and Mia will have to find more sanguinite on their own unfortunately.

The little girl is next found stuck at Sweetshade Glade station on The Maneland, and will request that the siblings get the train up and running. Gayle hands over a colossal cactus model and a chimaera wing as way of thanks before departing for other islands. Gayle will next appear at Bitterbutte Bottom station once the latter is up and running, and will explain that she's got her eyes on a specific treasure and wants to explore the glacial island for clues, but her terrible phobia of tundrackies is preventing her from so much as leaving the station's fireplace. The player will need to slap eight of the wintry bats for her to feel safe venturing out into the island, and hands over a Sylphanian flag along with another chimaera wing as a reward for helping ease her nerves. When one of the kids asks why treasure she's looking for, Gayle cheekily states that its a secret for now before skipping off.

Next she and Ariel will appear at Soaring Steps station on The Wingswept Moors, trying to nurse an injured Great sabrecat to health. Unwilling to abandon the big cat with so many other monsters prowling about, Gayle requests that the player cook up a sharptooh steak to give the felled feline some much needed energy. The cat makes a swift recovery upon gobbling up the steak and takes a shine to the little girl, with Gayle naming her Sabrina and taking her on as a treasure hunting partner. This time the kids receive a scale model of a colossal crystal along with the chimaera wing.

Gayle, Ariel, and Sabrina are next found at Redscale Rise on the Cinderback Ridge looking for a training partner to help get Sabrina up to speed. Gayle hands over a statue of Ariel and Sabrina with the complimentary chimaera wing upon being defeated by Mia or Erik, but Ariel blames the loss on Sabrina and scolds her rather harshly, to which Gayle tries to discipline the bat for being too hard on their new friend. Ariel isn't hearing any of it though and the two get into an argument, flying off in a huff after betraying a bit of jealousy over all the attention Gayle is giving Sabrina. Gayle instantly regrets losing her temper and asks her rivals to help her find a dracky-shaped monster jewel as a way to mend bridges with Ariel: this is the treasure that she alluded to back at Bitterbutte Bottom station and finally has a lead to where it might be.

The conclusion to this development begins when Ariel arrives at Eggshell Island and pleads with the children to follow her to the Rib Bone Ramparts on the Maneland, where Gayle and Sabrina have been attacked by a deadly monster. Upon reaching them, Gayle explains that they were ambushed by a deadly monster known as the Steam punk for the dracky jewel; the cybernetic criminal is swiftly punished by Erik and Mia, and the jewel is returned to its rightful owner. Gayle then tries to present it to Ariel as an apology for losing her cool earlier: Ariel is moved that Gayle would go to such lengths for her, but says she's learned that no treasure is as valuable as her best friend. The trio is reunited, Ariel makes amends with Sabrina, and the dracky jewel is passed on to the player along with a statue of Gayle herself.

Gayle will also appear in the questline to obtain two Dragonstones, helping out when Captain Levanter refuses to hand over the treasure map leading to the Sapphire Eye to one of his rivals and advises to simply ask Princess Anemone for help, as the grumpy pig can't refuse an order from his monarch. She also appears in the hunt for the Amber Horn, saving the siblings when they are beaten by the vicious Magmantes and suggesting that brute force isn't the way to best the brute.


  • Gayle is embarrassed of her fear of tundrackies and has only admitted this to Erik and Mia out of necessity, she hasn't even told Ariel despite their closeness.


  • Gayle is a homophone for gale, a term for a strong current of air. Her Japanese name, Burisa, is a feminized version of the English word breeze