Mr Banks

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Mr Banks
Dragon Quest Treasures
Japanese name ウラジン
Romaji Urajin
Race Restless armour

Mr Banks is a character in Dragon Quest Treasures, being one of the employees of the Trans-Draconic Railway Company. He is a red restless armour wearing the company uniform of a navy blue cap with the T.D.R.C logo and matching jacket. He speaks in a rather laid-back manner, but is a diligent worker beneath this disposition.


Dragon Quest Treasures[edit]

Mr Banks formerly worked as the station manager of Cinderback Ridge, specifically Cold Shoulder Central. Due to the disastrous separation of La Isla Dorada from the Draconia islands weakening the bloodlines that carried the trains, Mr Banks and his fellow managers were forced to resign as the company was unable to stay afloat. He returned to his former station after the magic dwelling within the pair of marvelous knives carried by Erik and Mia resonated with the abandoned train at the zenith of The Paternoggin, revitalizing the main bloodlines and enabling the trains to operate once more.

Ecstatic to have his old job back, Mr Banks requests that the brother and sister help him restore the remaining two stations of Cinderback Ridge. The reward for lending him a hand is a station model (1/76th scale), the recipe book for extra lucky sushi, and one chimaera wing.