Treasure Vision

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Treasure Vision
Japanese モンスタービジョン
Romaji Monsuta bijyon
Old localizations None
Found in Dragon Quest Treasures
Effect Zeros in on buried treasure

Treasure Vision is a unique trait inherent to all monsters born on the islands of Draconia that helps them find hidden valuables, artifacts, statues, etc scattered throughout the region.


Dragon Quest Treasures[edit]

Long ago, after the typhonic dragons Madra and Padra passed away and their bodies became the floating islands of Draconia, monsters came to settle these floating islands. The spirits of the dragons would see the dreams and desires of these new inhabitants and would turn them into countless treasures that filled the islands: Padra would grant these monsters the ability to see the location of treasure when close enough and Madra would allow them to innately feel its presence. Madra's blessing would also extend to those with the heart of a dragon, allowing courageous travelling monsters and humans the ability to tell when fortune was near.

In gameplay terms, treasure visions will activate when Erik and Mia's monsters sense nearby loot and the player presses L + B: treasure visions will overtake the Fortune Finder command with up to three point of view shots indicating the location of the goods. These visions are distinct among the different monster families of Draconia and will look vastly different from one another. All present a slightly obscured view of the target location, leaving it up to the player to decipher the hints. Treasure visions are affected by the potency of an island's Treasure Forecast: the higher the forecast, the more precise the visions will be.