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Dragon Quest Treasures
Japanese name ハイエン
Romaji Haien
Race Human

Favonius is a character in Dragon Quest Treasures. He is a member of the Sylphanian Expedition and is partnered with a She-slime.


Dragon Quest Treasures[edit]

Favonius is one of the expedition members that was personally assigned by Princess Anemone to locate and study the monoliths scattered throughout Draconia, and specifically the located on Cinderback Ridge. The problem is that the monsters inhabiting the volcanic island are more fearsome than he anticipated, and as such he hasn't made much progress in his assignment. Favonius has taken so long to report back to the Princess that she has requested Erik and Mia to check up on him, leading to him asking the children to succeed where he has failed and document their findings regarding the stone.

He will thank the kids for their help by giving them a red key that can open the enormous, matching chests found in the island chain, a quarrying contraption model, and a chimaera wing.


  • Favonius is the only adult member of the expedition tasked by the Princess to scout out the monuments