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Dragon Quest Treasures
DQTR Gustav.png
Japanese name ゲールズ
Romaji Geruzu
Title Enigmatic Buccaneer
Race Human
Voice actor Nobunaga Shimazaki

Gustav is a high ranking member of the Thunderous Plunderers and one of the rivals to Erik and Mia on their treasure hunting adventure on Draconia.

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Gustave is a well-dressed man who appears to be in his mid-twenties. He has red hair with lavender colored highlights and piercing magenta eyes. He wears a black nobleman's cape with a high collar, golden trim, and two azure bands with a three-lobed tassel to keep it in place. His clothing is a black cloak with a large golden band held in place with a black sash tightened by a gold band that also has the three-lobed pattern. For accessories Gustave wears white gloves, a red tie, and caries a cane topped with miniature skull. His design is meant to evoke images of a refined gentleman, contrasting his crew mate Bonnie's punk attire.

Sharing the position of first mate with Bonnie, Gustav is completely devoted to serving his captain Long John Silverbones and amassing an incredible fortune of ill-begotten loot. Gustav is a very composed individual who focuses on stratagem over brute force, balancing out Bonnie's more blunt approach, and will tell the most sincerest-sounding lies to get what he wants.


The player first catches a glimpse of Gustav during the beginning of the game when first exploring the pirate encampment upon entering Draconia, but he is tied up in a heated meeting and cannot be spoken to. He makes his proper speaking debut along with Silverbones and Bonnie at the summit of the forgotten factory at the tip of the Paternoggin on their flying ship, interrupting the stare down between Admiral Mogsworth and Captain Levanter to reveal the trio has already taken the dragonstone locked in the factory's chest. Gustav can later be found at the pirate camp on the underside of the Paternoggin and he will be dismissive of the children when spoken to.

Gustav reenters the plot of the game once the player has collected all seven dragonstones, leading a raid on Eggshell Island to steal the jewels. He leads a team consisting of Shambles and Shady, along with his decorative Wight king named Wighty. The children triumph in the end and though Gustav is angry that the three finest fighters the Plunderers have were tossed around by mere children, he never the less expresses his gratitude that the siblings fell for his ploy and gloats that the fight was just a distraction meant to keep the treasure hunters busy while Silverbones steals the dragonstones.

After Silverbones is defeated on La Isla Dorada and imprisoned by Captain Levanter on the Maneland, Gustav can be found in the Thunderer's encampment on the Paternoggin once more. He will assure the children that he has turned over a new leaf and is going to take up the role of captain for the Thunderous Plunderers, becoming a proper gang of treasure hunters that no longer steals from it's rivals. If the player has completed all of the training camp quests for Captain Levanter, Gustav will request that the children serve as an intermediary between the Plunderers and the Sylphanian Expedition as a way to mend bridges between the groups. He will hand over a written note and a parcel with instructions that it only be opened by the captain at the Sylphanian desert camp.

The letter requests the Captain's presence at Sweet Shade Glade station to broker a peace deal, and the package turns out to contain nothing less than a sunstone as a sign of sincerity. The Captain is hesitant at first and admits that Gustav has attempted to arrange such meetings before, but Levanter has shot them all down--he is only considering this instance because Erik and Mia are acting on Gustav's behalf. The player joins Captain Levanter at the shady station to wait for Gustav, but after some time passes it becomes clear that something isn't right: the captain rushes back to the stockade to find the entire expedition writhing on the ground and surrounded by a thick haze. One of the members informs the duo that the sunstone was in fact a stunstone which suddenly cracked, paralyzing them all with horrid smoke as Gustav and his men burst on to the scene to break Silverbones out of jail. Captain Levanter is furious to realize he has been duped by sweet words, bribery, and an exploited child to boot.

When speaking to Gustav back on the Paternoggin, he thanks the children in faux politeness and grants them a reward for their cooperation: a statue of himself and a chimaera wing. He states that the Thunderous Plunderers will never make peace with any of the gang's rivals and that all the treasure in the world belongs to them, add his team of monsters to the roster of rivals attempting to raid Eggshell Island.

Dragon Quest Keshi Keshi[edit]

Gustav was added to the game as an event boss on May 11th, 2023. Defeating himself and Bonnie will allow the player to face Silverbones.


  • Gustav is a man's name of Swedish origin that is found in German, Scandinavian, and Swiss-speaking nations. It translates to "staff of the Goths", alluding to the fine cane he carries.
  • Gustav is also a pun on gust, referring to a small blast of wind.


  • Gustav may in fact be of Sylphanian nationality, owing to the tri-lobed knots that adorn his clothing that he shares with Gayle, his wearing of a Japanese-style sash, and his name following the convention of wind-themed puns typical of the group. Considering that Silverbones himself once worked for the kingdom in his days before piracy, it is possible that the skeleton personally selected Gustav to become one of his first mates upon recognizing his talent.