Long John Silverbones

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Long John Silverbones
Dragon Quest Treasures
DQTR Long John Silverbones.png
Japanese name ギンギーラ
Romaji Gingira
Class Pirate
Voice actor Gbolahan Obisesan (English)
Tomokazu Sugita (JP)

Long John Silverbones is the captain of the Thunderous Plunderers and the antagonist of Dragon Quest Treasures.

Appearance and Personality[edit]

The captain is a tall skeleton of not quite human proportion, with small beads of red floating in the back recesses of his eye sockets and a similar gem being situated in his forehead. All of Silverbones attire is black, gold, and purple save for his belts: he wears a captain's coat with upwards-curving pauldrons lined with hanging trim below, topped with rows of spikes, and is in tatters at the ends. He protects his rib cage with a cuirass that has three spikes near the collar bone and covers his skull with an oversized tricorn.

Silverbones is a self-assured pillager with years of experience under his belts, and he laughs off the idea of Erik and Mia being any sort of competition to him and his crew upon meeting the siblings. The captain is unabashedly greedy and seeks the dragonstones solely for his personal gain, but he maintains a high degree of charisma that allows him to command his motley crew. Indeed, his two first mates known as Bonnie and Gustav are totally loyal to Silverbones, with the former owing her life to the captain from an incident in her youth.

That being said, Silverbones is not above throwing lesser crewmates away if they do not meet his standards for efficiency, as in the case of Mogsworth, nor is he above stealing from rival treasure hunting gangs―he routinely sends packs of goons to plunder Eggshell Island of the player's most valuable possession.


Dragon Quest Treasures[edit]

Captain Silverbones is first encountered during the opening segment of the game segment of the game on the Paternoggin, in the middle of a heated meeting between Mogsworth, the children, and Captain Levanter of the Sylphanian Expedition at the summit of the forgotten factory at the tip of the Paternoggin. The captain enters the scene in style, looming over the three groups in his flying ship alongside Bonnie and Gustav. Silverbones gloats over having already snagged the dragonstone that Mogsworth and Levanter were arguing over, revealing it to be the amethyst fang. He then promptly expels Mogsworth from his crew, stating that the "treasures" he found on his own were pure rubbish.

The captain makes his return when all of the dragonstones are assembled at Eggshell Island, stealing them to find the way to La Isla Dorada where the "treasure of treasures" is said to be found while the siblings are distracted by Gustav's assault. Making his way to the island's hidden shrine, the stones levitate away from Silverbones and assemble themselves on a plinth, to which he expresses disappointment that the greatest treasure of all is "tis but the seven stones stuck together", and vents his frustrations on the blue-haired siblings when they catch up to him. Upon being defeated, Silverbones begins to fall from the edge of the shrine into the great blue sky with the children leaping forward and failing to catch him in time, but he lands unconscious on the deck of the Sylphanian Expedition's flying vessel.

Gustav reveals in the post-game that his former captain has been captured and taken to the Sylphanian stockade on the Maneland, where he sits imprisoned in an iron cage. Silverbones refuses to speak when addressed by the player. Gustav has taken up the responsibility of leading the Thunderous Plunderers himself, avowing to set the crew straight as proper treasure hunters instead, and asks for the assistance of the children to mend bridges between the two organizations. This is in fact a clever, ruse, with Gustav and several Plunderers storming the stockade to free their captain the moment their trap is sprung. Silverbones can then be fought in a rematch on La Isla DSorada.

Dragon Quest Keshi Keshi[edit]

Silverbones was added to the game as an event boss on May 11th, 2023, and requires the player to first defeat Bonnie and Gustav in order to face him.


  • Silverbones is named after Long John Silver, the villain of Robert Louis Stevenson's novel Treasure Island.


  • Upon completing all four of his training challenges, Levanter will reveal that Silverbones was once in the employ of the King of Sylphania several years before taking up piracy, and worked closely with Levanter on several missions. Over time, Silverbones developed a might-makes-right philosophy and broke away from the kingdom to walk his own path of pillaging.