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Dragon Quest Treasures
Japanese name ビスカス
Romaji Bisukasu
Race Human

Sirocco is a member of the Sylphanian Expedition and one of the personal guards for Princess Anemone.


Dragon Quest Treasures[edit]

Sirocco is one of the two official praetorian guards that the princess has handpicked for the adventure on Draconia, working alongside Zephyr. Unfortunately the princess tends to give the two of them the slip and they've been left huddling around the fire at Glacial Junction station on the Hinterquarters while her highness traverses the tundra island to examine the mysterious monolith tablet on the southern tip.


  • Sirocco is the name of a warm, very humid wind that effects southern Europe and blows northwards from the south-east, originating in Africa as a dry wind that picks up humidity while traversing the Mediterranean sea.