Mr Victor

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Mr Victor
Dragon Quest Treasures
Japanese name エドロン
Romaji Edoron
Race Restless armour

Mr Victor is a character in Dragon Quest Treasures, being one of the four station managers employed under the Trans-Draconic Railway Company. He is a sky blue restless armour wearing the navy blue jacket and cap uniform of the company. He is an ardent company man much like Mr Euston.


Dragon Quest Treasures[edit]

Mr Victor supervised the trains that ran through The Hinterquarters from his station at Lake Swishmelt. As with Miss Kensington, Mr Baker, and Mr Banks, Mr Victor was forced to resign from the T.D.R.C. when the removal of La Isla Dorada damaged the bloodline rails that the company trains ran on throughout Draconia.

With the help of children from another world and the mysterious dragon daggers they posses revitalizing the bloodline system, Mr Victor quickly rejoined the company to help it get back on its feet. Resuming his glacial position, he requests that Erik and Mia restore the remaining two train stations on the island and rewards them with a Mr Euston statue, the secret to making really restorative riceballs, and a chimaera wing for their trouble.