Mr. Mistral

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Mr. Mistral
Dragon Quest Treasures
Japanese name バド―
Romaji Badou
Race Human

Mr. Mistral is a member of the Sylphanian Expedition that has set out to explore the islands of Draconia.


Dragon Quest Treasures[edit]

Mr. Mistral is found in the Sylphanian camp on the Paternoggin, standing near Captain Levanter. He is the drill instructor of the group and serves as a battle guide for Erik and Mia, informing the player of the finer details of combat such as comboing abilities, issuing orders to monsters, pinching possessions, and so forth. He speaks in a loud manner befitting his role, but insists that the siblings speak to him when they need refreshers.


  • Mistral refers to a cold and dry winter wind that begins in southern France and follows the course of the Rhône river into the mediterranean sea, occasionally reaching speeds of 130km/80mph