Cloud compass

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Cloud compass
Japanese 大空の羅針盤
Romaji Ōzora no Rashinban
Old localizations None
Found in Dragon Quest Treasures
Effect Key item

The cloud compass is a phenomena that appears in Dragon Quest Treasures, guiding the most dedicated of fortune seekers to untold riches. It is part of the game's logo and makes up half of the game's subtitle in Japanese, with the other referencing the blue eyes of Erik and Mia.


Dragon Quest Treasures[edit]

The compass was created by the lingering spirits of the titanic dragons Madra and Padra as a way to test the resolve and courage of those who sought the great wealth of La Isla Dorada, thus preventing another unworthy being such as the Golden Sovereign from trespassing on the sacred grounds.

This nature is only vaguely alluded to by a stone tablet hidden on the underside of the Paternoggin, which states when the dragons's souls are born again, those who can sail the skies will be shown the way to the Golden Isle. As such, it is intangible and will only materialize when all seven dragonstones are gathered together, guiding their possessor to the fabled La Isla Dorada. In a subversion of expectations, it is the dread pirate Long John Silverbones who uses the compass after robbing Erik and Mia of their dragonstones with a shrewd diversion.

A replica of the compass can be collected as Treasure no. 776 after completing Many More Monuments. It has a base value of 8,500,000 and is classified as a Draconian Memento.