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Dragon Quest Treasures
Japanese name ビステル
Romaji Bisuteru
Race Human

Wyndy is one of the younger members of the Sylphanian expedition and the captain of the group's flying vessel.


Dragon Quest Treasures[edit]

Wyndy appears near the conclusion of the game's story, after Captain Long John Silverbones raids the base on Eggshell Island for the seven dragonstones and departs for the unreachable island, La Isla Dorada. When Mia and Erik ask the Sylphanians for assistance in hunting down the scoundrel, Princess Anemone initially declines on the grounds that her party has relinquished it's claim to the seven stones upon discovering that they were not the treasures they had set out to Draconia to find, and that fighting for the mere sake of fighting is not her people's way. However, Anemone also acknowledges the great debt that both she and the expedition as a whole owe the siblings for helping unravel the many mysteries of the floating archipelago and grants the duo permission to take the airship where they please; with the caveat that the Sylphanians will not assist in the battle against the pirate.

Captain Levanter then introduces the children to Wyndy, assuring them that she is among the finest navigators that the nation has ever seen in spite of her young age. When the player is ready to confront Silverbones, speaking to Wyndy will begin the final segment of the game: Wyndy will warn the player if he or she is carrying any unappraised treasure, suggesting to deposit it back at Eggshell Island or to dispose of it outright before departing for the point of no return.

Upon departing Draconia for the forgotten island, Wyndy will pilot the ship and follow the rainbow path laid out by the cloud compass created by Erik and Mia's combined treasure vision. She will stand by alongside Anemone and Levanter on the island while the siblings battle Silverbones. Being the only pilot present on the island, Wyndy is presumably the one who saves Silverbones from falling to oblivion when the flying ship swoops under him as he collapses backwards at the edge of the final boss arena.


  • The little girl is a prime example of the meritocracy displayed by Sylphanian society, appearing no older than Erik or Mia and yet being granted a crucial position within the expedition based on her capabilities as a pilot.


  • Wyndy is a homophone of windy, owing to the wind-base naming scheme seen in all human members of the Sylphanian expedition save for the princess herself.