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Dragon Quest Treasures
DQTR Bonnie.png
Japanese name メレイン
Romaji Merein
Title Impulsive Privateer
Race Human
Voice actor Yoko Hikasa

Bonnie is a member of the Thunderous Plunderers, serving captain Long John Silverbones as one of his first mates alongside Gustav.

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Bonnie young, slender woman with pink hair and green highlights. She dresses in an outrageous punk fashion, sporting a pink, sleeveless variant of her captain's buccaneer jacket, black spats, pink leggings with large rips in the fabric, fingerless gloves, and knee-high platform boots. She wears a plain white top under her jacket that is partially obscured by a wide studded belt looped over her right shoulder and under her left arm. Her accessories include a choker necklace and spiked hair ornaments that set her twintails.

Bonnie maintains an aloof and capricious demeanor, simply doing as she pleases and preferring to leave the planning to her captain and Gustav. Bonnie adores being a pirate and taking whatever catches her eye from those weaker than herself and her team of monsters, relying on brute force while her fellow first mate handles the thinking. She is not above admitting when she's been bested, and enjoys the rivalry she develops with Erik and Mia.


Dragon Quest Treasures[edit]

Bonnie is first seen by the player during the opening segment of the game on the Paternoggin, in the middle of a heated meeting with Gustav and the other members of the crew. She is properly introduced to the player at the summit of the forgotten factory at the tip of the Paternoggin, where she, Gustav, and Silverbones gloat over having already snagged the dragonstone that Admiral Mogsworth and Captain Levanter were arguing over. This dragonestone, the amethyst fang, is given to her by Silverbones for safekeeping while the pirates hunt down the remaining six.

The player will next encounter Bonnie in Lickspittle Glade, the underside of the Paternoggin, in front of the three waterfalls. She's surprised the children are confronting her and admits that she's taken a great shine to the amethyst fang, stating her captain wouldn't like it if she gave it up without a fight: her monster team consists of Shambles and Shady, whom she'd taken in after feeling bad for them when their master Mogsworth was kicked from the crew, and her decorative gigantes named One-eyed Billy. Bonnie congratulates the children on their victory, shocked that anyone had the moxie to womp Billy and hands over the dragonstone upon losing, stating a pirate never breaks her word. She promptly uses her authority as co-first mate to boot Shambles and Shady out of the gang for being wimps. Bonnie then warns the siblings that Silverbones only lent the amethyst fang to her and that there's no telling what he might do now that they've taken it from the Plunderers.

After the clash at La Isla Dorada, Bonnie will attend the victory celebration on Eggshell Island, stating that she didn't have anything better to do at the moment. After this, she will be added to the adventure quest catalog and issue a challenge to the blue-haired siblings. She's taking a break between pillagings and hasn't been able to get the kids out of her mind since her lose earlier-which she insists she allowed the player to win on the grounds of barely paying attention to the scuffle. She offers a rematch and states she'll up the ante with a particularly rare treasure: her team will now consist of a decorative loss leader, a decorative hoodlum, and her trusty Billy, the former being at level 62 while the club swinger is at 65. Bonnie concedes defeat for real this time and congratulates the kids, but warns that Silverbones is still beyond them. She elaborates that while the skeleton may be a pillager, he is also a hero and she owes him her life.

She continues, describing her youth as an orphan who survived by resorting to petty crime out of desperation but realized the futility of her acts. She had collapsed from sheer hunger one day and thought that was then end, before Silverbones appeared before her: Bonnie snaps out of her reminiscence before saying any more and hands over the treasure she promised, being a statue of herself, a replica of the dreaded Armlet of Transmutation, and a chimaera wing. Bonnie then states that she's sure the siblings have amassed a great horde of loot by now and that she'll need to take a look, adding her to the list of rival gangs gunning for the treasure horde on Eggshell Island.

Dragon Quest Keshi Keshi[edit]

Bonnie was added to the game as an event boss on May 11th, 2023. Defeating herself and Gustav will allow the player to face Silverbones.


  • Bonnie is the only human member of the Thunderous Plunderers who does not wear black as her main colour.