Mr Muddimer

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Mr Muddimer
Dragon Quest Treasures
DQTR Janema.png
Japanese name ジャネマ
Romaji Janema
Race Muddy hand
Voice actor Junichi Suwabe

Mr Muddimer (ジャネマ, Janema) a character from Dragon Quest Treasures, the head of staff of the TransDraconic Railway Company.

Appearance and personality[edit]

Mr Muddimer is a grey muddy hand who dons a blue bandana with the company emblem around his wrist. He takes his duties as the employee manager very seriously.


Dragon Quest Treasures[edit]

Mr Muddimer is one of the last three employees of the railway by the time that Erik and Mia arrive to Draconia, and is overjoyed that the children agree to get the company up and running once more.

As the head of staff, Muddimer manages the menagerie of monsters the player will accumulate during the adventure. He is able to reorganize the party, dispatch monsters on foraging missions, or dismiss individuals from the ranks of the company. Dispatching monsters means the player can accumulate resources native to a particular region of Draconia when elsewhere, with the possibility of acquiring treasure as well. A team of three monsters is selected from those not currently in the party, who will spend up to fourtyfive real-life minutes on their mission, reporting back once the player speaks to Muddimer. Up to four of these teams can be sent out at once.