Golden Sovereign

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The Golden Sovereign
Dragon Quest Treasures
Race Uknown

The Golden Sovereign is a mysterious character who proved very influential to the history of Draconia.


Dragon Quest Treasures[edit]

The Golden Sovereign was an inhabitant of Draconia who worked alongside Mr Stephenson as his benefactor, helping establish the Trans-Draconic Railway Company. The venture proved a smashing success, with the duo connecting all the islands of Draconia with trains that ran along the ethereal trails of energy binding the islands and making travel a marvelous convenience for the inhabitants. Unfortunately, the Sovereign's natural greed got the better of him and tempted him to trespass on La Isla Dorada, the sacred island of gold. This obscene act of avarice infuriated the spirits of the land, who separated the treasure island from the rest of the archipelago and sent it adrift through the skies. This severing destroyed the energy trails that connected the islands and also rendered the only fuel source, the once-abundant sanguinite, all but impossible to find. The company was left in ruins and the employees resigned left and right, with Mr Stephenson soon passing away from a broken heart; it is unknown what happened to the Golden Sovereign, who utterly vanished from Draconia.