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(For the NPC in the 3DS port of Dragon Quest VII, that provides the party with the Heavy Metal Hole table, see Traveller's Tablet.)
Dragon Quest Treasures
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Japanese name ブリッツ
Romaji Burittsu
Race Gigantes
Voice actor Takuya Masumoto

Axel (ブリッツ, Burittsu) a character from Dragon Quest Treasures.

Axel is blacksmithing gigantes who wears a burgundy tunic and a red welding mask. His role is to provide the party with pellets. Axel speaks with a German accent.

He works at "the Werks", a workshop where he can prepare all kinds of pellets for Erik and Mia, as long as they have the recipe. Axel's pellets can deal elemental damage to enemies, Buff party members, and more.