Ultra marine

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Ultra marines are icy-blue pallet-swaps of the Loss leaders.


Dragon Quest Treasures[edit]

Ultra marine Dragon Quest Treasures Logo.png
Portrait Forte Treasure Capacity Safekeeping Score
Ultra marine DQTR portrait.jpg DQTR Scan Forte Icon.png 3 95%
Bestiary no. #68
Family Demon
Trivia N/A
Favorite foods Beefy brisket DQTR icon.pngBeefier brisket DQTR icon.pngDetax draught dqtr icon.pngDouble detox draught dqtr icon.png
Habitats The Hinterquarters, see below
Item(s) dropped Princely powder dqtr icon.pngMagic beast horn dqtr icon.png
Starting HP Starting MP Starting Strength
65 10 22
Starting Defence Starting Deftness Starting magic
8 5 7
Max HP Max MP Max Strength
984 265 426
Max Defence Max Deftness Max magic
410 375 367
Potential abilities *
First Second Third
Electroslash Fullheal Merciless Blade
Fourth Fifth Sixth
Sacred Slash Total War Cry Unrelenting Force
Dragon Attack
Name Target(s) Element
Dark Machinations Area Dark & Slash
First Second
Attention Seeker Healthy Advantage
Third Fourth
Hypnotist Lone Wolf
Shiny Skin
Fire Resistance * Water
Wind Resistance * Earth Resistance *
Normal Strong Strong Normal
Explosion Resistance * Ice Resistance * Electricity Resistance * Gravity Resistance *
Strong Normal Weak Weak
Light Resistance * Dark Resistance * Slash Resistance Impact Resistance
Strong Weak Quite strong Quite strong
Piercing Resistance Sleep Resistance Stun Resistance Poison Resistance
Quite strong Strong Quite strong Weak
Debilitation Resistance *
Quite strong

The ultra marine appears in the same place as the loss leader in the Hinterquarters are the gem variant. Players can trigger the monster to appear at will by launching Erik or Mia up to a specific ledge with the loss leader in view and then rotating the camera until the ultra marine appears instead.


  • Ultra marine is the term for the powdered form of lapis lazuli


Lethe legionaries[edit]