Farmer's scythe

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Farmer's Scythe
Japanese 鉄のかま
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Old localizations None
Found in Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King
Effect None

The Farmer's Scythe is a weapon introduced in Dragon Quest VIII. It is the first scythe weapon in the game that Yangus can equip.


The Farmer's Scythe has an attack bonus of +28 and can only be equipped by Yangus. It can be purchased in Port Prospect and Peregrin Quay for 910 gold and sold for 460 gold. Can be upgraded into a Iron Axe by using the Alchemy Pot:

Recipe: Iron Axe = Farmer's Scythe + Farmer's Scythe

It can be dropped by foul anchors, iron rhinos, and iron scorpions.


A large iron scythe of the type used to cut grass and straw.