Fighting batboon (Boss)

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Fighting batboon
DQVII PSX Fighting Batboon Sprite.png
HP MP Experience Gold
600 50 400 210
Attack Defense Speed
115 85 85
Locations Gröndal
Skills Multifists
Spells Oomph
Family Beast
Game Dragon Quest VII
Console PSX

The Fighting batboon (formerly WolfDevil) is a boss in the game Dragon Quest VII: Fragments of the Forgotten Past.


The fighting batboon came to Gröndal to destroy Ygg before it grows to become Yggdrasil. To this end, it disguised itself as The Stranger and poisons the town's water supply with a powerful hallucinogenic and made the townspeople believe that they were the Demon Lord. The party arrives into town, unawares of the fighting batboon's plan. However, they discover what the fighting batboon is doing in the town and try to stop him. By using the Holy Dew from Ygg, they cured the townspeople. This enrages the fighting batboon who proceeds to attack them. The party defeats him and saves the town.


The fighting batboon can use Multifists in conjunction with Oomph. It is a devastating combo for those who aren't sufficiently leveled. But this can be helped by using Buff, especially on Maribel Mayde. Cast Sap on the fighting batboon and attack. Give the Salvation stone to Maribel to heal those who fall under ~40HP and things should go well.

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