Sir Avan De Zinuar III

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Sir Avan De Zinuar III
Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai
Dai2020 Avan.png
Japanese name アバン=デ=ジニュアール3世
Romaji Aban de jinyuāru 3 sei
Title The Hero (Past)
The Hero Tutor (Present)
Class Hero
Race Human
Age 31 (Main series)
16 (Flashbacks / prequel manga)
Voice actor Hideyuki Tanaka and Takahiro Sakurai (2020) (Japanese)
Vincent Tong (English)
Manuel Campuzano, Ricardo Hill (both Spanish)
Maxime Donnay, Jean-Pierre Leroux (both French)
Fábio Moura (Portuguese [BR])

Sir Avan of Zinuar III is a character from Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai. He is the former hero who defeated dark lord Hadlar fifteen years before the start of Dai's adventure. In the present, he trains new heroes.

He has a support role in the main Dai series, but he stars as the protagonist of his own spinoff manga, which tells in greater detail his adventures against the Dark Army.


Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai[edit]

Avan is the Hero tutor of Dai and Popp.


15 Years before the story starts, Avan defeated Hadlar, the Dark Lord. He has now turned to teaching other Heroes and travels around with his student Popp, who trains to become a Mage. The Papnica royal family ask them to sail to Dermline Island to find the future Hero Dai.

As they arrive, Hadlar's evil influence has already spread, turning most monsters on Dermline hostile. Avan casts Glimmer to purify and safeguard the island.

After two Gargoyles smash into the created barrier, Avan asks Popp to deal with them. Popp uses Kafrizz on one of them, but gets hit by the Fizzle of the other. Dai jumps in to help and, with a cheap sword that Avan calls "legendary", defeats the remaining Gargoyle.

Due to the Dark Lord's return, Avan proposes to train Dai under his one week hero-making Special Hard Course. Over the first two days, Dai learns to split a boulder with his knife, Avan shows him the Avan Strash -Avan's signature move- and teaches him the Earth Slash. The Earth Slash is a part of the Avan Style Sword Techniques, the key to learn the Avan Strash. On day three, Avan, Brass, Gomechan and Dai go to a remote part of the island to train further. Avan casts Puff! to turn himself into a red Dragon. He and Dai fight so fiercely that Gomechan flies to get Popp. As they return, Dai has just figured out to cut through dragon-Avan's flames using the Wave Slash, an attack based on speed. This successfully slices Avan's nose, who then reverts to his human form. A bit of conversation and a small Crack ice later, they feel the Island shaking. The resurrected Dark Lord Hadlar pushes through the barrier.

Hadlar reveals that Avan was the Hero that defeated him and they fight. Hadlar announces that he was resurrected by Vearn, the Dark King and is now his Dark Commander. After Avan refuses Hadlar's offer to rule the world with him, he hits a nerve calling Hadlar Vearn's servant. In response Hadlar attacks him with Kaboom, which Avan counters with Avan Strash, only slightly wounding the Dark Commander. As Avan's energy is failing, Dai jumps in, attacking Hadlar and wounding his finger. The Dark Commander then fires off a Sizzle, but Avan jumps between the attack and his students. With the last of his energy, he casts Kaclang on the group turning them to stone and gives Dai and Popp the Insignias of Avan. These are certificates of graduation. Avan then faces Hadlar and giving his life by casting Kamikazee.


Avan is extroverted, outwardly upbeat and easy-going, he has a warm heart and tries to bring out the best of other people. He seems to take life lightly, which turns when people he cares about are in danger and need his protection.


  • Popp: Long time student. Gets his Mage training from Avan.


Avan is a man of many talents: he is good at fighting and spell-casting, at inventing new weapons, and even cooking.

The hero tutor is an experienced warrior who managed to master several weapon types like swords and spears, and strong spells

Sir Avan getting into Avan Strash stance in the episode "The Dark Lord Hadlars' Return"
  • Avan Style Sword Techniques

A fighting style invented by Avan. It is based on slicing through earth, sea, and air.

  • Earth Slash: a sword technique that represents strength and power that can cut through harder and powerful enemies than steel.
  • Wave Slash: a sword technique that represents speed that can cut through any spells and other shapeless things with a full-speed attack.
  • Air Slash: a sword technique that represents Aura of Light control that can cut through the unseen and be able to distinguish presences that can destroy an opponent's weak point. It can not be used with Dark Aura.
  • Avan Strash: Avan's signature attack. A single slash made with a weapon in reverse grip. It is the combination of the three attacks that make up the Avan Style Sword Technique.
  • Magic spells

Avan is seen casting the following spells:

  • Glimmer - A purification spell used to safeguard a large area from dark influences.
  • Puff! - A spell that turns the caster into a massive dragon.
  • Sizzle – Burns a group of enemies with a blazing wall of fire.
  • Kaclang – Turns a single party member to steel for several turns, rendering them immobile, but impervious to attack.
  • Kamikazee – Sacrifices your own life to destroy all enemies.

In Other Languages[edit]

Language Translation Meaning
ICON-FLAG-ES.png EspañolAván
ICON-FLAG-FR.png FrançaisAvan
ICON-FLAG-DE.png DeutschAvan
ICON-FLAG-IT.png ItalianoAvan