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Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai (DRAGON QUEST -ダイの大冒険-, "Dragon Quest: Dai's Great Adventure") is a long-running manga by Sanjo Riku and Inada Koji set in the Dragon Quest world, based mainly on Dragon Quest III, Dragon Quest IV and Dragon Quest V. It features filler pages giving game-like character stats of the heroes, and often explains details of the spells used in the games. The manga was originally published in Shueisha's Weekly Shonen Jump from 1990 to 1996, and was compiled into 37 paperback volumes.

The plot centers around the revival of the Demon Lord defeated in an earlier war, his attempts to conquer the world and the fight of the heroes against him.

Two anime television series based on the manga were produced by Toei Animation, the first being an incomplete adaptation in 1991, and a new adaptation starting in 2020.


Series revival[edit]

In 2020, a series of projects to revitalize the series began. This push includes: a new anime adaptation which aims to cover all the story, a prequel manga, a new line of merchandise, a card-based arcade game, a manga focusing on said card game, a high end action console game, it's own gacha mobile game, collaborations with other popular mobile games such as Dragon Quest Tact, or Puzzle & Dragons, and more.

The new anime is the center piece of the revival, with everything else borrowing from it, be it only the aspect or the music too. The 2020 adaptation cuts all the filler the older anime had, only adapting the content available in the original manga series.

The revival project also includes making the series available internationally, in some cases for the first time ever, with the new anime and gacha game being available in multiple countries. The anime can be watched on the Crunchyroll and Hulu streaming services, though Hulu only has the 45 first episodes.

Episode List (2020 Adaptation)[edit]

Influence on the series[edit]

Being the most popular and longest-running Dragon Quest spin-off, Dai no Daibouken left an impact on the video games that inspired it. The most significant influence is the introduction of Ability List performed by human characters. Characters routinely perform extraordinary feats that go beyond the scope of the generic attack battle command seen in the series up until IV.

In particular, the Giga Break sword technique and Hyunkcel's Grand Cross ability would be incorporated beginning with VI as Gigaslash and Pearly Gates. Interestingly, such skills are presented in the manga as being immensely dangerous to the user, requiring perfect execution to prevent one's body from tearing itself apart due to the incredible power output.

In Videogames[edit]

Starting around 2017, the Dai series started having presence in videogames through collaborations, and starting in 2020 it starting seeing full games adapting the manga series.

Xross Blade[edit]

Xross blade is a card-based arcade game where players can place and move cards on a board. The positioning of the cards is key to the gameplay, as players can do attack combos if placed correctly. Xross blade follows the story of Adventure of Dai but also has a new story with new characters. The game has recieved a few collaborations with mainline Dragon Quest titles like Dragon Quest XI.

A Hero's Bonds[edit]

A Hero's Bonds is a mobile title developed by DeNa. Players can move forward in three lanes and attack the incoming monsters, using skills and changing lanes when needed. The game has equipment gacha -like Dragon Quest of the Stars and Dragon Quest Walk-, and supports real-time multiplayer for up to three players.

It includes two story modes: Dragon Tracks and Bonding Journey. The former is a retelling of the story from the Adventure of Dai, while the later is a brand new story written under the supervision of Riku Sanjo, the original writer of the series. Koji Inada, the original artist of the Dai series, designed Pinky, the pink dracky that accompanies players through the Bonding Journey storyline.

Infinity Strash[edit]

Infinity Strash is an action console game. Not much is known about it yet.

Portable Adventure[edit]

Portable Adventure is a small handheld device with Tamagochi-like depictions of Dai. It has connectivity with Xross Blade


Some characters and monsters from the Adventure of Dai series including Gomechan, Chiu and Mystvearn among others are featured in Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 3 Professional.

The Adventure of Dai has had collaborations with some mobile games including: Dragon Quest Monsters Super Light, Dragon Quest of the Stars, Puzzles and Dragons, and Dragon Quest Tact.

Dai is a playable character in the base roster of Jump Force, a console fighting game featuring many other characters from Shonen Jump comics like Goku, Luffy or Yusuke Urameshi.

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