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Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai
Anime Larhart.png
Japanese name ラーハルト
Romaji Rāharuto
Title Land Rider
Class Warrior (A Hero's Bonds)
Race Half-Darkling
Age 22
Voice actor Akira Ishida (石田 彰)

Larhart is a character from The Adventure of Dai. He is one of the three Dragon Masters alongside Borahorn and Galdandy, the servants of Baran. He wields the Dark Armour Spear in battle.


Larhart is a tall purple-skinned half-darkling man with blonde, spiky hair. He has long pointy ears, black eyebrows, and black markings underneath his eyes. He has a slim and muscular build. His outfit consists of a light red toga-like tunic which goes over his left shoulder, a black belt with two scaled red tassets around his waist, black leggings and fingerless gloves, and light red boots with gold cords tied around the tops. On his left shoulder, he wears a black pauldron decorated with a gold crest in the shape of a dragon's head. He also has gold cords tied around his upper arms; the one on his right arm is decorated with a crest of a dragon's head.

He has a stubborn, yet noble personality and would do anything for his master and his family.

Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai[edit]

Larhart and his fellow Dragon Masters are summoned when Baran is gathering power in order to take his son by force. The three Dragon Masters are ambushed by Popp when they are heading to Teran Castle. He watches as Popp and later Hyunckel defeat his allies, and challenges Hyunckel to a duel, as wielder of the other Dark Armour weapon.

Upon defeat, he gifts his Dark Armour Spear to Hyunckel, hoping he will make Baran return to his senses.

Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai: A Hero's Bonds[edit]

Larhart appears as a boss in the 8th story chapter, after defeating Galdandy and Borahorn. As a boss, Larhart is a ??? Family enemy weak to Shadow and Thrust attacks, while he resists Slash and Fire type attacks. He has some minor resistance to Poison and Stun, moderate resistance to Paralyse and Sleep, and strong resistance to Burn.

Larhart later appears as a playable character, obtainable through the A Loyal Land Rider's Pledge event, which ran from January 25th, 2022 to February 7th, 2022. After the event, he can be recruited from Merle's Mystic Fortunes in exchange for Seer Candles.

Unlockable after finishing the beginner difficulty stages of the A Loyal Land Rider's Pledge event, Larhart specialises in inflicting physical Thrust damage with lightning-fast spear attacks.

While his character acquisition event lasted, having the land rider as the Luminary Leader's partner would grant extra tokens and upgrade jewels.

Larhart (ラーハルト(鎧の魔槍 (鎧化)) Rāharuto (Armored))AHB logo.png
AHB Larhart.jpg
Warrior Dark Armour Spear (Amdo)
Larhart (Dark Armour Spear) Bond:
1.Raises Thurst and Shadow Damage. (15%) (Hero/Partner)
2.Raises Physical and Magical Attack temporarily when a counterattack hits. (15%) (Hero/Partner)
AHB HP Icon.png HP AHB PAtk Icon.png Physical Attack AHB PDef Icon.png Physical Defence AHB MAtk Icon.png Magical Attack AHB MDef Icon.png Magical Defence AHB Recovery Icon.png Recovery
551 443 206 104 268 114
Character Traits
Main: Larhart (Dark Armour Spear) Soul I:
Increases user's Endurance Boosts the user after every two skills used (max. two boosts).
Boost #1: Physical Defence up. (15%)
Boost #2: Physical Attack up. (15%).
User loses boosted status after being knocked back a certain amount.
Larhart (Dark Armour Spear) Soul II: Larhart (Dark Armour Spear) Soul III:
Raises Thrust and Shadow damage. (15%) Adds an additional boost to Soul I, giving a maximum of three.
Boost #3: Thrust & Shadow damage up. (15%)
Larhart (Dark Armour Spear) Soul IV: Larhart (Dark Armour Spear) Soul V:
Raises Light Resistance. (5%) Raises Thrust and Shadow damage. (5%)
Larhart (Dark Armour Spear) Soul VI: Larhart (Dark Armour Spear) Soul VII:
1. Has a chance to lower the target's Thrust Resistance temporarily when a Thrust skill hits. (20%)
2.Has a chance to lower the target's Shadow Resistance when a Shadow skill hits. (20%)
Raises the chance of getting Soul VI.


  • Prior to the 2020 anime series, Larhart was occasionally depicted as having light blue skin instead of purple. Although the original 1991 series ended before he was introduced, Larhart appears in some merchandise with blue skin. This can be seen in his appearances in both Dragon Quest of the Stars and Dragon Quest Monsters: Super Light.