Princess Leona

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Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai
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Japanese name レオナ
Title Princess
Disciple of Avan
Class Sage
Priest (A Hero's Bonds)
Race Human
Age 14
Family King of Papnica (father)
Voice actor Aya Hisakawa (Japanese, 1991 series)
Saori Hayami (Japanese, 2020 series)
Kelly Sheridan (English, 2020 series)

Princess Leona is a main character in Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai and one of the Disciples of Avan. She is the princess of the Kingdom of Papnica, a land of mages, and is trained as a sage.

She first meets Dai on Dermline Island in order to undergo an important ritual to become a sage. However, the ritual is interrupted by an assassination attempt on her by a bishop and sage of Papnica, which is thwarted by Dai. Afterwards, the two become friendly and she becomes one of his closest allies.

Appearance and Character[edit]

Leona is a young woman with a slender build, long, light brown hair and brown eyes. She is taller than Dai, but slightly shorter than Maam. In the original 1991 anime, she was depicted with blonde hair, while in the 2020 anime, her hair is strawberry blonde. As a member of royalty, she wears many different outfits over the course of the story, often decorating them with gold jewelry. When she first meets Dai on Dermline Island, Leona wears a pink minidress with a black belt around her waist, a short cape made of a gauzy blue material on her shoulders, pink ballet slippers, and a gold circlet around her forehead with a blue jewel. Her second outfit, which is first seen at the tower on Valge Island, is a pink sleeveless dress with high slits on the side worn with a black jeweled belt around her waist and a short cape made of the same gauzy material as her first outfit, held on her shoulders with black shoulder pads. She wears intricate gold bracers and greaves on her shins decorated with red jewels, gold bands around her upper arms, and light blue slippers. Around her forehead, Leona wears a simple headband made of a tied golden cord and her earrings are dangling pink jewels.

After a trip to the department store in Bengarna where Leona tries on several different outfits, she settles on a set of Wayfarer's clothes, which consists of a pink strapless minidress held with a jeweled black belt around her waist, a short light blue cape with pink lining, blue fingerless gloves and blue knee-high boots, both with yellow designs and a red jewel on them. She keeps the gold armbands, earrings, and headband of her previous outfit, but wears her hair tied back in a ponytail.

Leona's fourth outfit, which she wears from the world summit onwards, is a mint green minidress with gold lining and a white mantle worn over it, white thigh-high boots, a gold belt around her waist, gold bracers, and gold shoulderpads. She also wears gold earrings with dangling blue strands and a gold choker with a blue jewel on the center and the same dangling strands as her earrings. Her hair is worn loose again and decorated with gold barrettes on either side of her head decorated with blue jewels.


Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai[edit]

Princess Leona first appears in the second story arc, arriving on Dermline Island in order to undergo an important ritual to complete her training as a sage.


Leona has trained as a sage and as such, has knowledge of both powerful attack and healing magic. Among the other Disciples of Avan, she surpassed both Popp and Maam in magical ability, having the ability to cast Fullheal after the events at Valge Tower and using it on her companions in other dangerous battles. Despite having knowledge of offensive spells, Leona does not actively participate on the frontlines in most battles, instead choosing to focus on healing and support magic. Outside of battle, she is a charismatic leader and skilled diplomat as she had to become the ruler of Papnica at a young age.

Other Appearances[edit]

Dragon Quest of the Stars[edit]

She appears in the collaboration events in the Japanese version of the game. She has two outfits based on her, her Dermline Island outfit and her Royal Raiment, which can be obtained as costumes. She also has three hair pieces based on her, a light brown one based on her original outfit, a blonde one based on the original 1991 anime, and another light brown one based on the 2020 anime series.

Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai: A Hero's Bonds[edit]

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Leona appears as a playable character in the game. In her Bengarna Outfit, she is a Priest who specializes in support spells, and has access to some offensive spells. Leona can be unlocked after finishing Episode 16 - Leona and Dai, Reunited from Bonding Journey, which is available after finishing the sixth chapter of Dragon Tracks. Her other outfits can be obtained via timed events or at Merle's shop.