Avan (A Hero's Bonds)

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Avan is a playable character in Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai: A Hero's Bonds, and a character from the Adventure of Dai series.


Avan is a former Hero and mentor to Dai and his friends. In the past, he defeated the Dark Lord and saved the world. Despite his mischievous side, he has an unshakeable will and is a kind, caring teacher. In battle, he can buff his allies' Defence and cast continous healing spells.

Dermline Dress[edit]

This version of Avan is available during the The Hero Tutor Returns event, players unlock him after finishing Episode 8 - Unfathomable Power in the beginner difficulty.

Avan (アバン (デルムリン島衣装) Aban)AHB logo.png
AHB Avan.jpg
Hero Dermline Dress
Power: 2897
Avan (Dermline) Bond:
1. Raises Light damage. (Hero/Partner) (15%)
2. Heals a percentage of the max. HP of the user and all allies in the same line after guarding successfully. (3%)
AHB HP Icon.png HP AHB PAtk Icon.png Physical Attack AHB PDef Icon.png Physical Defence
540 253 302
AHB Recovery Icon.png Recovery AHB MAtk Icon.png Magical Attack AHB MDef Icon.png Magical Defence
149 170 277
Character Traits
Main: Physical and Magical Defence Up: Raises the user's Physical and Magical Defence. (20%)
Avan (Dermline) Soul I: Raises the Physical and Magical Defence of all allies for a short time after successfully guarding. (20%)
Avan (Dermline) Soul II: Increases damage dealt against enemy weak points. (10%)
Avan (Dermline) Soul III: Raises multi-element damage. (15%)
Avan (Dermline) Soul IV: Raises Fire Resistance. (5%)
Avan (Dermline) Soul V: Raises multi-element damage. (5%)
Avan (Dermline) Soul VI: Lowers the target's Physical and Agical Attack temporarily for every thid skill that hits. (20%)
Avan (Dermline) Soul VII: Raises the bonus to damage from Avan (Dermline) Soul III.