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Milladosia is the name of the world in Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai: A Hero's Bonds.


Milladosia is an alternate world to Dai's world, mirroring many locations from the original world Dai and his friends live in. While some characters like the king of Romos have counterparts, some other characters only exist in either world.

Pinky claims that if Milladosia is destroyed by Xevallo, Dai's home world will suffer the same fate as both worlds exist together like two sides of the same coin.

Notable inhabitants[edit]

Native inhabitants[edit]

Travelers from another world[edit]

Notable locations[edit]

  • Altered Altar, A Hero's Bonds's main menu.
  • Battle Arena, an arena where Luminary Leaders from alternate worlds compete against each other's scores.
  • Hall of Perdition.