Crocodine (A Hero's Bonds)

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Crocodine is a playable character in Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai: A Hero's Bonds, and one of the main characters from the Adventure of Dai series. His Ally Board is in the shape of his Vortex Axe.

Vortex Axe[edit]

This version of Crocodine is obtained during at Bonds Journey's Chapter 1: Episode 8 - New Bonds, which is unlocked after finishing Chapter 3: Episode 20 - The Beast King Weeps of Dragon Tracks.

Crocodine (クロコダイン (真空の斧装備) Kurokodain)AHB logo.png
AHB Crocodine.jpg
Warrior Vortex Axe
Crocodine (Vortex) Bond:
1.Raises Strike and Fire damage. (10%) (Hero/Partner)
2.Raises Physical and Magical Attack for a short time after taking a hit. (15%) (Hero/Partner)
AHB HP Icon.png HP AHB PAtk Icon.png Physical Attack AHB PDef Icon.png Physical Defence AHB MAtk Icon.png Magical Attack AHB MDef Icon.png Magical Defence AHB Recovery Icon.png Recovery
906 353 158 16 157 19
Character Traits
Main: Crocodine (Vortex) Soul I:
Raises the user's Endurance. Raises the user's Physical Attack for a short time after taking a hit. (20%)
Crocodine (Vortex) Soul II: Crocodine (Vortex) Soul III:
Raises Strike and Fire damage. (15%) Raises the user's HP recovered from healing when HP is 30% or below. (50%)
Crocodine (Vortex) Soul IV: Crocodine (Vortex) Soul V:
Raises Slash Resistance. (5%) Raises Strike and Fire damage. (5%)
Crocodine (Vortex) Soul VI: Crocodine (Vortex) Soul VII:
Allows the character to survive a fatal blow with 1 HP. (Has a 60 second charge time.) Has a chance to raise the user's Fire or Srike damage for a short time after taking a hit. (25%).