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Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai
Dai2020 Soala.png
Japanese name ソアラ
Romaji Soara
Title Princess of Alkeed
Race Human
Family Dai (son)
Baran (husband)

Soala is Dai's biological mother.

Soala was the princess of the kingdom of Alkeed who fell in love with a young Dragon Knight after helping him recover from a deadly battle. They lived happily in Alkeed until the king's mind was poisoned by vessels who hated the idea of a foreigner growing closer to the throne started worrying the king with the idea that non-humans were dangerous. Baran was banished, but before he could leave Soala stopped him and told him she was pregnant with his child.

She gave her son the name "Dino" which means "strong dragon" in the Alkeed language. Soon after, the soldiers of Alkeed found them, and thinking Baran took Soala by force, they capture him without any resistance. They separated the three of them, sending little Dino to foreign land by ship and sentencing Baran to death. On the day of the execution, Baran was ready to accept his fate, but Soala shielded him from the spells that aimed to kill the dragon knight. Seeing Soala in pain angered and despaired Baran while Soala told him not to hate humans, to find Dino and leave in peace when he found him. Seeing her die for a non-human, Soala's father, the king of Alkeed, called her a disgrace which caused Baran to become mad and filled with hatred for humanity. This hatred caused the total annihilation of the Alkeed kingdom. Unable to find Dino, Baran despaired further, which Vearn took advantage of when trying to convince him to join the Dark Army.