Dragon Quest Museum

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The Dragon Quest Museum was a temporary exhibition Square Enix held in Japan in 2016 as part of the series's 30th anniversary celebrations.


The museum featured, among other things, a 1:1 scale replica of the equipment of hero Erdrick, a collection of paintings telling the story of the legendary hero and his descendants, a set of dioramas depicting scenes from Dragon Quest IV through VI, a fragment puzzle from Dragon Quest VII, an exhibition area with mementos from the development of the original Dragon Quest game, a fan art gallery -and contest-, a food court with Dragon Quest-themed food and drinks, and a shop with exclusive merchandise.

All ten mainline games released up until 2016 were present in the museum.

The museum was located in Shibuya (Tokyo), Osaka and Nagoya for about six weeks in each location during the second half of 2016. Over 200.000 people visited the museum in Tokyo and Osaka. In 2017, the Dragon Quest Museum was temporarily available in Awaji Island, Yuji Horii's birthplace.