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Dragon Quest Fantasia Video (ドラゴンクエスト_ファンタジア・ビデオ, Doragon Kuesuto Fantajia Bideo) is a direct-to-video live action production of the Dragon Quest series that was released by Enix in 1988. It is a silent reinterpretation of different elements of the Erdrick trilogy games set to various music from the games composed by Kōichi Sugiyama and performed by the Tokyo Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra.

The video was planned and produced by Toshio Okada, who was then the head of anime studio Gainax, who worked on the movie's special effects, and Tohokushinsha Film.


The video begins with an orchestral performance of the series' famous Overture, then cuts to live-action footage of the Hero traveling through the countryside. At night, the young man makes camp, but he is attacked by a group of Slimes and is forced to retreat after his Cypress Stick does nothing to them. In the morning, he pays a visit to a castle and meets with the king, who gives him his blessing. The hero then meets the priest at a church and makes his way to the castle town, where he buys a Copper sword and a Leather shield with his meager supply of gold. Outside of town, the hero meets his two traveling companions, the sage (based on the Prince of Sumaltria) and the mage (based on the Princess of Moonbrooke). The newfound friends gather supplies and make camp for the night before setting off to a town to gather clues for their journey. They acquire the Jailor's Key from a merchant and meet with a prisoner who shows them the location of a cave on their map.

After traveling through the wilderness, the three companions reach a cave where they face various monsters, including a Chimaera, a Magus, and a Green dragon. Following the grueling battles, the party finds the legendary Erdrick's Sword at a shrine. They travel through various places in the world with their ship, including the kingdoms of Isis and Jipang, where they meet Queen Himiko. The trio then reaches the island of Leiamland where they gain the help of the bird Ramia. Now with the ability to fly through the skies on Ramia's back, the party finally reaches the Dragonlord's Castle, armed with Erdrick's Armour and Erdrick's Shield. Upon reaching the Dragonlord's chamber, he transforms into his draconic form and attacks the young heroes with his fiery breath. The two companions distract the Dragonlord while the Hero climbs into his back and delivers a killing blow with his sword, defeating him once and for all. The castle begins to crumble, but the young trio manage to escape. Amongst the ruins of the castle and the Dragonlord's remains is the Hero's plunged sword, which disappears in a gleam of light now that peace is achieved.


  • Hero - Daiki Matsushima
  • Sage - Miho Tamura
  • Mage - Noriko Ishii
  • Dragonlord - Hideki Anno, Yutaka Ohashi
  • Weapon Merchant - Paul Suthereskey
  • King - Roman Sibrisky
  • Princess - Yuka Tsuruta
  • Himiko - Eriko Ando

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