Death Master

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The Death Master (デスマスター) is a vocation added to Dragon Quest X in the version 5.0 update. It is a class focused on summoning spirits to aid in battle, and becomes empowered by the deaths of allies and enemies.


The design of the vocation is based on that of Bishop Ladja, and the usage of a reaper's scythe is also taken from the infamous use of his.

The death master's distinct vocation trait is the Death Power meter, which is effectively a secondary MP pool for specific skills. It is located below their status bar. This meter rises with the deaths of enemies and allies, stacking up to four levels.

Dragon Quest X[edit]

Unlocking the vocation requires a lengthy sidequest, as well as the steep requirement of being at level 50. Once these are met, a player can become a death master at any branch outlet of Alltrades Abbey in major cities and towns.

Death masters can equip Scythes, Spears, Bows, and Axes. They are limited to light-weight shield and robes for armor.


Accolade Required points Name Effects
Occult boy/girl 8 Spirit guidance Small zam damage to one enemy, and focuses spirit summon on the target
Psychic 16 Natural M. Might +10 Permanently adds 10 to magical might
Spiritualist 28 Death power release Buffs spirit summon for one minute and resets summon timer
Sorcerer 40 Resurrection boost Automatically casts Oomph on a resurrected ally
Death 48 Curse Three attacks on one enemy, and raises death power by one stage
Death administrator 56 All stats +5 Permanently adds 5 to every stat
Death overseer 70 Spirit cut Raises magical might and magical mending by 50%, makes user immune to OHKO if their HP is over 50% or more
Keeper of the Underworld 80 Sizz boost All sizz spells will deal 10% more damage
Minister of the Underworld 90 Self-resurrection boost Increases m. might by 25% when revived
King/Queen of the Underworld 100 Anti-soul magic Revives dead allies to max HP after 75 second casting time


Name Level MP Description
Heal 50 2 Restores at least 30 HP to one ally.
Sizz 50 3 Sends out a line of fire six meters from the caster
Zin 53 5 50% chance to revive ally, at 1 HP.
Crack 56 3 Attacks one enemy with an ice crystal
Evac 58 3 Instantly escape a dungeon.
Sizzle 60 8 Sends out a line of fire eight meters from the caster.
Drain Magic 61 0 Steals magic from one enemy.
Midheal 64 4 Restores at least 80 HP to a single ally.
Zing 67 8 Resurrects a fallen ally, but sometimes fails.
Crackle 69 8 Attacks all enemies in range with ice crystals
Multiheal 71 16 Restores at least 80 HP to all allies.
Moreheal 73 8 Restores at least 166 HP to one ally
Kasizz 74 21 Sends out a line of fire twelve meters from the caster.
Kacrack 77 21 Impales all enemies in range with massive ice crystals


Death power having four stages is a pun based on the pronunciation for the Japanese word for the number four, Shi (し), being the same as the word for death (死).