Item Master

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A female Elf as an item master, bottom right.

The Item Master (どうぐ使い) is a vocation added to Dragon Quest X in the version 2.1 update. It is a class focused on using tamed monsters to assist it in battle, but themed around a mechanic maintaining a automaton instead of the typical beastmaster type seen in the series.


The item master wears a gatsby cap with a set of visor goggles over the brim, and a mechanic's jumpsuit lined with pouches. Both garments use a vanilla and cream-orange pinwheel pattern, and the outfit is complimented with vermilion boots and gloves.

The item master is similar to the Monster Master in that it has a constant companion to aid it in battle, only it focuses exclusively on inorganic monsters. These come from the Material family and Mechanical families, giving them a more narrow focus but several options to choose from therein. Aside from the use of monster, the item master is an excellent support vocation that can contribute greatly in conflict even if their pet is incapacitated. With access to the best augmentative spells, the item master can give even the weakest party member a major tune up.

Dragon Quest X[edit]

Item masters can equip Hammers, Spears, Bows, and Boomerangs. They can equip most shields and wear lightweight metal armor in addition to clothing-type armor.

Item mastery[edit]

NOTE: due to X not being released in English, all accolades are loose translations that serve only as placeholders.

Accolade Required points Name Effects
Item fixer 8 Recruitment Allows character to recruit monsters.
Item fanatic 16 Tune-up Increases all stats of automaton by 25%, raises tension by 1 state.
Item maniac 28 MP +10 Permanently increases max MP by ten points.
Item connoisseur 40 Trap jammer Extends a field that turns all traps within to the party's side.
Item collector 48 Agility +10 Permanently increases agility by ten points.
Item curator 56 Double dip Allows an item to be used twice.
Item professor 70 Strength +10 Permanently increases strength by ten points.
Item authority 80 Magnetic shield Sets up a temporary dome shield that reduces all damage types by 20% for allies within.
Item judge 90 HP +10 Permanently increases max HP by ten points.
Item king 100 Item range Sets up a small perimeter around the item master that makes nearby allies receive the same benefits from items used mechanic.


Name Level MP Description
Evac 7 3 Instantly teleports outside a dungeon.
Snooze 16 3 Sends a monster to sleep.
Acceleratle 24 4 Reduces the party's wait between actions.
Divine Intervention 30 4 Lowers an enemy's resistance to elemental damage.
Kasnooze 36 6 High chance to send an enemy to sleep.
Kabuff 42 4 Increases the party's defence by 25%.
Magic Barrier 48 4 Decreases spell damage by 25%.
Oomph 55 2 Increases attack by 25%.
Oomphle 62 4 Increases attack by 50%.