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A female Ogre fortune teller

The Fortune Teller (占い師) is a vocation thus far exclusive to Dragon Quest X, made available during the version 3.3 update.


The fortune teller's default female outfit consists of a a fishnet lining that covers a black, sleeveless crop top and slides under an open lavender dress. The two garments are connected by a red sash over the woman's navel, with a larger tied sash hanging on her hips that terminates into yellow tassels. A cowl masks the woman's face, and a lavender head covering kept in place with a red band. For accessories, she wears torcs, wrist gauntlets, and a slender necklace capped with a red gem.

The male fortune teller wears a white hooded robe with golden trim, a golden sash, and a golden headwrap under the hood. He wears green pants with brown gloves and boots.

Dragon Quest X[edit]

Fortune tellers may equip Bow, Staves, Swords, and Whips. Their unique ability is to use use tarot cards in battle to provide a variety of effects; 22 arcana with 78 variations per card that can be organized into a single deck of twenty cards. This gives the fortune teller 1716 options to choose from when assembling a deck.

Tarot cards[edit]

A Fortune Teller lives and dies by their deck of tarot cards. A hand of four cards out of the twenty card deck is drawn once battle commences, and players can carry up to six individual decks. A fortune teller can choose to play that card or use their turn to shuffle it back into their deck and draw another card instead. In either case a new card is added to the hand so that four are available at any time. Each card has certain conditions that can double it's potency if met, noted by an aura that appears on the card.

うらない (Divination)[edit]

NOTE:The parenthetical translations of the Japanese names are merely placeholders for convenience and are not to be taken as official Square Enix terms

Japanese name English name Description MP Required
(Arcana divination)
N/A Enters a state where if the character defeats a monster on their own, the target will drop "tarot fragments"
Duration is 30 minutes
N/A 8
(See hidden monsters)
N/A Player can see invisible enemies in all vocations N/A 16
全職業で最大MP+10 Natural MP +10 Permanently increases max MP by 10 in all vocations N/A 28
(Right fling)
N/A Discard the two right-most cards in characters hand to deal 120% damage to one enemy and draw two new cards 2 40
(Tarot power up)
N/A Tarot card damage doubles permanently N/A 48
(Quicker drawing)
N/A Drawing cards no longer takes a whole turn N/A 56
(Left fling)
N/A Discard the two left-most cards in characters hand to deal 120% damage to one enemy and draw two new cards 2 70
(Tarot power up)
N/A Tarot card damage increases by 300% permanently (400% total) N/A 80
全職業で最大HP+10 Natural HP +10 Permanently increases max HP by 10 in all vocations N/A 90
(Reset veil)
N/A Discards hand to increase base evasion by 10% for 60 seconds 6 110
全職業で最大MP+10 Natural MP +10 Permanently increases max MP by 10 while a fortune teller N/A 120
(Angel guidance)
N/A An Angel slime monster tarot card is added to the character's hand, allowing them to select any one card from their deck at will
No effect if character does not have an angel slime card in their deck
N/A 130
(Minimized tension)
N/A Tension is no longer used up when playing a card N/A 140
(Crystal ball enchantment)
N/A Tarot card damage increases by 200% permanently (600% total) 8 150
(Demon king's invitation)
N/A Places one SSS-ranked monster tarot card in player's hand
Listed in priority of being drawn: Atlas, Pazuzu, Belial, Bones of Baramos, Soul of Baramos, King Hydra, Blackmar, Dhuran, Jamiras, & Gracos
N/A 180
(Revert hand)
N/A Returns hand to the previous state, useful for forcing the best card out of 魔王のいざない N/A 200

Notable fortune tellers[edit]

  • Milly becomes an apprentice of Madame Luca in the finale of VI.


  • While Meena's epithet marks her as a fortune teller and she meets the Hero while reading their palm, her battle abilities outside of the use of the silver tarot cards are still those of a priestess; X is the first game in the series to feature a playable diviner.