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The character template displays common information about a character in the Dragon Quest series. Each character article should have this template at the top of the page.


|Voice Actor=


  • Name: The name of the character.
  • Game: The game this character appears in. Should be an interwiki link to the game article.

Following parameters are optional:

  • Image: A single artwork image of the character. Should be of good quality. Should be a thumbnail if the image is large.
  • Sprite: Any sprite images of the character from the game.
  • Jap: The Japanese name of this character.
  • Romaji: The Romanized Japanese name.
  • Title: The title this character possesses if applicable.
  • Class: The job class of this character.
  • Race: The race of this character.
  • Age: The age of this character if known.
  • Family: The family this character belongs to.
  • Voice Actor: The person who voices this character, if any.



Dragon Quest X
Japanese name ゆあまむ
Romaji Yuamamu
Title Ninja
Class Plumber
Race Kiwi
Age 34
Family Martin family


|Game=[[Dragon Quest X]]
|Family=Martin family