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This is a template for monsters as they appear in Dragon Quest Treasures. For appearances in other games, please use the corresponding enemy template.


Slime Dragon Quest Treasures Logo.png
Portrait Forte Treasure Capacity Safekeeping Score
DQTreasures slime portrait.jpg Forte treasure Safekeeping
Bestiary no. #001
Family Slime
Trivia The 70's Godzilla is an adult Minilla
Possums cannot host the rabies disease
A penny costs more than a penny to mint
Favorite foods
Habitats Patternoggin
Item(s) dropped Slimedrop
Starting HP Starting MP Starting Strength
1 2 3
Starting Defence Starting Deftness Starting magic
4 5 6
Max HP Max MP Max Strength
1 2 3
Max Defence Max Deftness Max magic
4 5 6
Potential abilities *
First Second Third
ab 1 ab 2 ab 3
Fourth Fifth Sixth
ab 4 ab 5 ab 6
Dragon Attack
Name Target(s) Element
Dragon Attack name range element
First Second
trait 1 trait 2
Third Fourth
trait 3 trait 4
trait 5
Fire Resistance * Water
Wind Resistance * Earth Resistance *
fire water wind earth
Explosion Resistance * Ice Resistance * Electricity Resistance * Gravity Resistance *
explosion ice electricity gravity
Light Resistance * Dark Resistance * Slash Resistance Impact Resistance
light dark slash impact
Piercing Resistance Sleep Resistance Stun Resistance Poison Resistance
pierce sleep stun poison
Debilitation Resistance *