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The enemy template is used to display statistics about a specific enemy/monster/boss. It is setup to display information about an enemy from a single game and console (i.e. Dragon Warrior - GBC). This template is the general enemy template and should be used for all games/versions which do not have a specially designed template. For example, enemies in Dragon Quest IX should use DQ9Enemy to display their information (from Dragon Quest IX only) as that template is more specific for that game.

Note that this template is used in the body of an article and not at the top. For that purpose, the Monster Infobox template was created.


  • float: whether the template should be floated left or right (default is left)
  • image: wikitext for the sprite image of this monster
  • name: the name of the enemy
  • game: the name of the game
  • console: the name of the console version of the game
  • romanji: the romanji version of the monster's name
  • kanji: the kanji version of the monster's name
  • hp: the enemy's hit points
  • mp: the enemy's magic points
  • attack: the enemy's attack power
  • defense: the enemy's defense power
  • agility: the enemy's agility/speed
  • experience: the experience points for defeating the enemy
  • gold: the gold for defeating the enemy
  • droppedItem: the item that might be dropped when the enemy is defeated. should include percentage or ratio.
  • skills: any skills the enemy uses. use wikitext to link.
  • spells: any spells the enemy uses use wikitext to link.
  • level: the level of the monster (used by Holy Protection, etc.)
  • bestiaryNumber: the identifying number of the enemy in the bestiary
  • captureRate: the capture rate of enemies which can be captured. should be a percentage or ratio.
  • description: any notes or other information about this monster
  • locations: where the enemy can be found. can include wikimarkup for links.



#24 - Test
Orgodemir DQVII PSX.gif
HP MP Experience Gold
400 20 400 21
Attack Defense Speed
23 44 33
Dropped Item Club
Locations South of Mercado, North of Coburg
Skills Ninjitsu
Spells Kamikaze
Family Slime family
Capture Rate 1/32
Bestiary # 24
Game Dragon Quest XXVI
Console GBC
Japanese Name ninanana
Romanized Jap. chingchow
Description This is a test enemy.

Wiki markup[edit]

|image=[[Image:Orgodemir DQVII PSX.gif]]
|game=Dragon Quest XXVI
|romanji= chingchow
|kanji= ninanana
|hp= 400
|mp= 20
|attack= 23
|family=[[Slime family]]
|description=This is a test enemy.
|locations=South of Mercado, North of Coburg