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The LocationItem template is used to display items acquired at various locations in Dragon Quest games. It applies to items found in treasure chests, in various furniture, or from non-player characters. Each set of LocationItem calls is made to represent a single game in cases where there is more than 1 game/version.


In almost all cases, using this template should be preceded by an Items heading on the article it is being transcluded onto. This is because there is no label marking the table as items data within this template. This is consistent with other location templates.


A header call to this template should be the first usage of this template on any page.

{{LocationItem|header|title={{Dragon Quest III}}|subtitle={{NES}}}}
  • header: A required parameter which marks this as the start of an items table.
  • title: A required parameter specifying the title of the item table. This should be a link to the game name in cases where there is more than 1, otherwise it should simply be "Items".
  • subtitle: An optional parameter to enhance the title. Used only in cases where title is the game name, subtitle will then be the console version (i.e NES).


Each entry in the items table is represented by a single template call.

{{LocationItem|entry|item=[[Boxer shorts]]|location=In a drawer in the [[inn]]}}
  • entry: A required parameter which marks this as a single item table entry.
  • item: The item name. Should be a link to an interwiki article.
  • location: Location of the item. Should be descriptive enough that it is easy to locate.


The footer call marks the end of the item table.

  • footer: A required parameter marking the template as the footer.



Dragon Quest III (NES)
Item Location
Antidotal herb Barrel in southwest house
Leather shield Behind Ultimate Key door


{{LocationItem|header|title={{Dragon Quest III}}|subtitle={{NES}}}}
{{LocationItem|entry|item=[[Antidotal herb]]|location=Barrel in southwest house}}
{{LocationItem|entry|item=[[Leather shield]]|location=Behind [[Ultimate Key]] door}}