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The Spell template is used to display information for spells in Dragon Quest games. This template describes a single spell for a single game version.


|flavor=Instantly kills a group of enemies
|effect=Has a 50% chance of instantly defeating each enemy in an enemy group
|notes=This spell is only learned late in the game}}
  • console: The console version of the game.
  • name: The name of the spell.
  • image: if there is an image of this item, it should be referenced here. This parameter is optional. Note this should be just the filename, not a link.
  • mp: The mp cost to cast the spell
  • flavor: If there is specific flavor text used to describe this spell in the game, it should be quoted here. This paramter is optional.
  • effect: A general description of what the spell does.
  • notes: Any special notes about this particular spell This parameter is optional.



Sizz (DS)
MP 2
Effect Causes 10-20 points of fire damage to a single enemy
Flavor text Throws a fireball at the enemy


|flavor=Throws a fireball at the enemy
|effect=Causes 10-20 points of fire damage to a single enemy
|note=This spell is dumb}}